Student Mentoring:

  • Yulun Tian
    MIT AeroAstro - Master’s and PhD
    Topic: Resource-aware Collaborative SLAM for Multi-Robot Search and Rescue
  • Matthew Giamou
    MIT AeroAstro - Master’s
    Topic: Distributed Place Recognition
  • Can Pu
    MIT AeroAstro - PhD
    Topic: Approximate Non-Gaussian Inference
  • Kristopher Frey
    MIT AeroAstro - Master’s
    Topic: Sparsity and Computation Reduction for High-Rate Visual-Inertial Odometry
  • Xiaoyi (Jeremy) Cai
    MIT AeroAstro - PhD
    Topic: Fuel-Aware Multi-Robot Information Gathering
  • Christopher Fourie
    MIT AeroAstro - PhD
    Topic: Semantic SLAM
  • Shayegan Omidshafiei
    MIT AeroAstro - PhD
    Served as a Reader on PhD Committee
    Topic: Decentralized Teaching and Learning in Cooperative Multiagent Systems