Vishrant Tripathi

Graduate Student,
Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems,
Dept. of EECS, MIT
32-D671, Stata Center
32 Vassar Street,
Cambridge, MA
email: vishrant [@] mit [DOT] edu

About me

I obtained a Ph.D. in the EECS department at MIT, working with Prof. Eytan Modiano at the Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems (LIDS). My research is on modeling, analysis and design of communication networks, with emphasis on wireless and real-time networks. My current focus is on scheduling problems in networked control systems, robotics and federated learning.

Priot to my time at MIT, I received a B.Tech. with Honors in Electrical Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (IIT-B). There, I worked with Prof. Sharayu Moharir on resource allocation in wireless networks.

You can find press coverage of some of my recent work at the following links - MIT News, AeroAstro@MIT, Schwarzman College of Computing MIT, Institute for Data Systems and Society MIT, Wireless Communications Alliance, AI Magazine,, TechXplore, Autonomous Vehicle International, and Quadricottero.

Recent Updates

Dec 2023: Our paper “Monitoring Correlated Sources: AoI-based Scheduling is Nearly Optimal” just got accepted to IEEE INFOCOM 2024. This was joint work with R. Vallabh Ramakanth and Prof. Modiano.

Dec 2023: My thesis and ongoing research will be profiled in the upcoming special issue of the ACM SIGMETRICS Performance Review. You can find a copy of the profile here.

Aug 2023: I recently defended my Ph.D. thesis successfully at MIT. This was a culmination of 6 years of work, and I am grateful to everyone who helped me along the way! You can find a video recording of my defense here and a pdf version of the slides I used during my defense here. You can also find a copy of my thesis here.


My research interests include

  • Communication Networks

  • Robotics

  • Control & Optimization

I currently work on designing scheduling policies for the consistent delivery of timely information in wireless and mobile networks. Applications include internet-of-things, networked control systems, multi-agent robotics and federated learning.

My work typically involves formulating a theoretical model that captures the main details of a problem to be studied, but still remains analytically tractable. Then, I analyze this model to gain new insights; using tools from probability, optimization and algorithms. More recently, I have also been interested in building new wireless systems that verify our fundamental theoretical results in practice. A short video describing some of this work is linked below -

Recent Publications

  1. V. Tripathi, I. Kadota, E. Tal, M. Shahir Rehman, A. Warren, S. Karaman, and E. Modiano, "WiSwarm: Age-of-Information-based Wireless Networking for Collaborative Teams of UAVs", IEEE INFOCOM, 2023: [Technical Report].

  2. V. Tripathi, N. Jones, and E. Modiano, "Fresh-CSMA: A Distributed Protocol for Minimizing Age of Information", IEEE INFOCOM, 2023: [Technical Report].

  3. V. Tripathi, R. Talak, and E. Modiano, "Information Freshness in Multi-Hop Wireless Networks", IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, 2022: [Technical Report].

  4. V. Tripathi and E. Modiano, "Optimizing Age of Information with Correlated Sources", ACM MobiHoc, 2022: Best Paper Runner Up Award. [Technical Report] .

  5. V. Tripathi, L. Ballotta, L. Carlone, and E. Modiano, "“Computation and Communication Co-Design for Real-Time Monitoring and Control in Multi-Agent Systems", IFIP WiOpt, 2021: [Technical Report].

  6. V. Tripathi, and E. Modiano, "An Online Learning Approach to Optimizing Time- Varying Costs of AoI", ACM Mobihoc, 2021: [Technical Report].

  7. V. Tripathi, and E. Modiano, "Age Debt: A general framework for minimizing age of information", AoI Workshop, IEEE INFOCOM, 2021: [Technical Report].

Visit my google scholar profile for a complete list of publications.