Current Teaching

Not Teaching in Fall 2018

Teaching at MIT

Fall 2017: (15.060) Data Models and Decisions (MBA Core Class)

Fall 2016: (15.S15) Readings in Statistics (Graduate Reading Seminar Series)

Fall 2016: (15.060) Data Models and Decisions (MBA Core Class)

Spring 2016: (15.097) Statistical Learning via a Modern Optimization Lens (Graduate Special Topics Class)

Spring 2016: (15.075) Statistical Thinking and Data Analysis (Undergraduate Class)

Teaching at Columbia University

Spring 2015: Data Mining (Graduate, Upper division class)

Fall 2014: W4015: Probability (Graduate, Upper division class in probability)

Spring 2014: Topics in Modern Multivariate Statistics: Modeling, Computation and Theory (Graduate Special Topics Class)

Fall 2013: Intro to Statistical Inference (Graduate, Upper division class in Statistics)