Student Advising

Current Research Group Members

Hari Bandi (PhD student, MIT ORC, 2016 –)

Wenyu Chen (PhD student, MIT ORC, 2018 –)

Hussein Hazimeh (Phd student, MIT ORC, 2016 – )

Sean Lu (Phd student, MIT ORC/Math, 2014 – )

Matthew Sobiesk (PhD student, MIT ORC, 2016 –)

Zach Blanks (MS student, MIT ORC/MIT Draper, 2017 –)

Annelise Steele (MBAN student, MIT ORC, 2018 –)

Other Graduate Student Collaborators/Alumni

Antoine Dedieu (former MS student, MIT ORC, 2016 – 2018; now at Vicarious AI)

Lily Weng (PhD student, MIT EECS)

Hanzhang Qin (MS/PhD student, MIT Civil and Env Engng./EECS)

Martin Copenhaver (PhD student, MIT ORC)

Andy Zheng (PhD student, MIT ORC)

Paul Grigas (former PhD student, MIT ORC; now at UC Berkeley)

Angela King (former PhD student, MIT ORC)

Wodan Ling (Columbia Biostatistics)

Diego Saldana (former PhD student, Columbia University; now at Dow Jones)

Haolei Weng (PhD student, Columbia University)

Undergraduate Students

Tiffany Chen (Wellesley)

Bibek Pandit (MIT)

Kliment Serafimov (MIT)

Erica Chan (MIT)

Suyash Gupta (Indian Statistical Institute, now at Stanford University [Stats PhD])

Debarghya Mukherjee (Indian Statistical Institute, now at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor [Stats PhD])

Nabarun Deb (Indian Statistical Institute, now at Columbia University [Stats PhD])

Koulik Khamaru (Indian Statistical Institute, now at UC Berkeley [Stats PhD])

Jonathan Goetz (Columbia University, now at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor [Stats PhD])