I would like to thank the National Science Foundation, Office of Naval Research (including a Young Investigator Award), IBM, Liberty Mutual Insurance, Google Research, and MIT (JFRAP, RSC) for supporting my research group. In the past (Columbia University) our research was funded by the Betty-Moore Sloan foundation.

A list of publications can also be found at: Google Scholar and ArXiv

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          • Topics in Sparse Multivariate Statistics
            Ph.D. Thesis, Stanford University (Deptartment of Statistics), 2012.
            Advisor: Trevor Hastie. (Other committee members: Candes, Friedman, Tibshirani, Saunders).
          • Local scale-space contrasts via Gaussian Mixture Ensembles for speech signal segmentation
            MStat Thesis, Indian Statistical Institute, 2007.
            Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) award for the best Masters thesis