Rahul Mazumder


Robert G. James Career Development Associate Professor

Operations Research and Statistics group

MIT Sloan School of Management

Operations Research Center

MIT Center for Statistics

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

About me: I am an Associate Professor in the Operations Research and Statistics group at MIT Sloan School of Management. I am affiliated with the Operations Research Center and a core faculty member of the Center for Statistics.

Before joining MIT, I spent a couple of years as an Assistant Professor at Columbia University (Dept of Statistics), where I was also affiliated with the Data Science Institute. Prior to Columbia, I was a PostDoctoral Associate at MIT for 9 months, where my sponsor was Dimitris Bertsimas. I completed my PhD in Statistics from Stanford University under the supervision of Trevor Hastie . I completed my BStat, MStat from Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata.


- Robert G. James Career Development Professor

- Office of Naval Research Young Investigator Award (2018) press release

- Annals of Statistics, Special Invited Session Speaker JSM, 2017 link

- MIT RSC Award, 2017

- Plenary Speaker at SAMSI Optimization Workshop, 2016

- Natural Sciences and Data Sciences Interface Award, Columbia University, 2014

Research Interests

- Statistical Machine Learning

- Applied Statistics

- Convex and Integer Optimization

- Large Scale Algorithms

- Mathematical Optimization

I am broadly interested in topics at the interface of statistical modeling, optimization, computation and their interplay. This multidisciplinary approach often provides new and interesting insights about the behavior of statistical methods.

I am interested in applications arising in recommender systems, user-behavior analytics in online platforms, oceanographic and climate sciences, others.

For Students

Take a look at this link to get a rough idea of what I am generally interested in.

I am looking for motivated PhD students interested in any of the following areas: Statistics/Machine Learning/Optimization/Computation.

If you are at MIT, please feel free to shoot me an email if you are interested in discussing related ideas/problems.

If you are outside MIT and interested in working with me, please apply to the PhD program at MIT ORC

Contact Information

MIT Sloan School of Management

Building E62-583

100 Main Street

Cambridge, MA 02142

Ph: 617-253-2652

Email: rahulmaz "at" mit "dot" edu

Administrative Assistant:

Marty Checchi

Ph: (617) 324-4378 | e: mchecchi@mit.edu | E62-571