Kasra Khosoussi

Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems (LIDS)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

About me

  • Postdoctoral Associate, working with Prof. Jonathan P. How
  • Member of the Aerospace Controls Laboratory (ACL)
  • Also collaborating with Prof. Gaurav S. Sukhatme (University of Southern California)
  • Prior to LIDS, I was with the Centre for Autonomous Systems (CAS) in Sydney, Australia
  • Ph.D. in Robotics from the Univerisity of Technology Sydney under Prof. Shoudong Huang and Prof. Gamini Dissanayake
  • I am broadly interested in the Science of Autonomy and Robotics.


  • #NoBanNoWall.
  • [Feb. 2017]: Our WAFR 2016 paper has been invited to the Int. Journal of Robotics Research (IJRR).

  • [Sep. 2016]: Our paper submitted to WAFR 2016 is accepted (top 25%).

  • [Aug. 2016]: An extended version of our RSS 2015 paper (“A Sparse Separable SLAM Back-End”) is accepted by IEEE T-RO.

  • [Jul. 2016]: Check out our new paper and video submitted to WAFR 2016.

  • [May 2016]: I had a blast at USC. Thanks RESL folks!

  • [Apr. 2016]: I had a wonderful time visiting Prof. John Leonard's group and friends from CSAIL and LIDS at MIT. I gave a seminar about our recent work on the synthesis of near-t-optimal graphs for SLAM. Thanks guys for being a great host!

  • [Apr. 2016]: Check out our recent work on maximizing the tree-connectivity of weighted graphs. .

  • [Mar. 2016]: Our paper on exploiting the separable structure of SLAM is conditionally accepted by IEEE T-RO.

  • [Jan. 2016]: Our Tree-Connectivity paper is accepted by ICRA 2016 (Stockholm, Sweden).

  • [Sept. 2015]: I will spend the next 6 months visiting Prof. Gaurav Sukhatme's Robotic Embedded Systems Lab (RESL) at the University of Southern California (USC).

  • [Jul. 2015]: I had the pleasure of visiting the Autonomous Systems Lab (ASL) at ETH Zürich. I also gave a talk about our recent works on overlooked structures of SLAM. Thanks folks for being a great host!

  • [Jul. 2015]: Essential words you need to use as a roboticist.

  • [Jul. 2015]: Our new graph stucture analysis paper is accepted by RSS 2015 workshop on "The Problem of Mobile Sensors".

  • [Mar. 2015]: Our paper is accepted by RSS 2015 (Rome, Italy).

  • [Nov. 2014]: Our dimensionality reduction paper is accepted by Automatica.

  • [May 2014]: Our Graph Structure Analysis paper was accepted in IROS 2014 (Chicago, USA).

  • [Jun. 2013]: Our "bootstrapping using Cauchy M-estimator" paper was accepted by IROS 2013 (Tokyo, Japan).

  • [Oct. 2012]: Our "MC sampling of non-Gaussian optimal proposal distribution" paper was accepted by ACRA 2012 (Wellington, New Zealand).