Mani stone outside Namche monastery A Trek in Solu-Khumbu, Nepal
Return to Kathmandu
After spending over three weeks in the countryside, arriving back in Kathmandu was a bit of a shock.
Street in Kathmandu at Sunset
This street, the Kanti Path, was photographed from a pedestrian bridge over a four-way intersection. Obviously the streets are clogged with traffic, especially during the evening rush hour, and apparently the pedestrian bridges are a fairly new thing (and quite welcome). The entire time we'd been on trek, we had seen only one wheeled vehicle -- a tractor poking along the Lukla runway. No cars, no bikes, no wagons, not even wheelbarrows. Wheels didn't make sense on those rough trails; feet worked much better.

From Debuche, we had walked to Namche Bazaar to recuperate for a couple of days. There we took showers (finally!), had laundry done, ate well, consumed too much chang two nights in a row, and listened to children singing Mani Rimdu songs (it was the beginning of an annual multiday festival for the Sherpas). On Day 23, we trekked back down to Lukla, spent our last night there -- where Nima and I sneaked out after bedtime to join some other Sherpas in more Mani Rimdu singing and dancing -- and flew back to Kathmandu on Day 24.

We needed time in Kathmandu to do some shopping. And eating. Lots of eating.

Durbar Square at Sunset

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