Mani stone outside Namche monastery A Trek in Solu-Khumbu, Nepal
Day 19: We left Base Camp and scooted downvalley to Dingboche. Trees never looked so beautiful! I was surprised by the richness of the fall colors -- flame-red barberry bushes lit up the hillsides, the alpine tundra looked purple, and some small trees were gold. In the picture below, you can see a fine example of the terracing and rockcraft we saw all over the Khumbu. It made me wonder if northern New England might have looked like this two hundred years ago. In fact, much of this trip had made me feel like we'd gone back in time...
Terraced Farm Outside Dingboche
For lack of a better place to put it, here's a picture of our AAI guide, Luis, doing his very best George Clooney imitation. (It was actually taken a few days later, but who can tell?)

Luis on Trailside Bench

This dzopkio -- not one of ours -- was thoroughly enjoying a cardboard box. He ate the whole panel while Leslie and I took pictures. That's one of our yakherders behind him.

Dzopkio Eating a Box in Dingboche

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