Things Made with Rubber Stamps

Yes, I'm lame and don't get stuff up very fast. Sorry... perhaps I'll be better now that I have a decent digital camera. If nothing else the pictures should be less blurry.

Greeting Cards

Playing Cards - Origami Books - Fake Postage Stamps

Asian Triptych - for Elaine Akers (new! 7/29/03)


Stampsmith Swaps Stampsmith Secret Sister Swaps Other Swaps
  • SSSII (July-August 2002)
    BS: Mari Gallagher, LS: JJJ
  • SSS3 (October-December 2002)
    BS: Lisa Wick, LS: Wezzelke
  • SSS4 (April-June 2003)
    BS: Elaine Akers, LS: Diane Kurtz
  • SSS5 (August-October 2003)
    BS: ???, LS: ???

RAKs, Sent & Received