Newbie/Lurker Swap

I ran a swap for new stampers and stampers who'd never swapped before and wanted to "get their feet wet." I have to say, you're all worried about nothing!

The swap was open to any newbie (stamping for a year or less) or lurker (e.g. someone who's been thinking about wanting to try one of those swap things some day). Experienced stampers can play, but they have to include instructions with their cards, so that the newbies can learn.

The swappers were:

Aileen O

Carol C

Diane C

Julia P

Julie K

Kate/Mari G

Michelle N

Nanci S

Susan R

Susanne W

Sylvia M

Kate M (me)


This was a simple 6 for 5 swap of cards, tags, or small books (or whatever else the participants thought of. Pieces could be the same or different. The theme was officially open, but for those who like to have some sort of guidelines, there was an unofficial 'paper' theme: postage stamps, old maps, playing cards, and other things traditionally on paper.

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