First Attempt (Trial Run)

My practice run to determine how hard this is. As you can see, getting it to hang straight requires care. Perhaps more tags on the next one. I put more work into the practice than I meant to, heh. [As ever, pictures are not great because I lack either a scanner or a digital camera; the camera a borrowed is old and I can't get ever seem to get it to focus on small things.]

  1. Closed
  2. Open
  3. Hanging (Side view)
  4. Hanging (Top view)

Second Attempt (Blue!)

Here are some pictures of the second one of these books that I made. I used heavier origami paper this time. (Click on the pictures for a larger, if still fuzzy, image.) When I have more time, I may take pictures of all the "pages."

Third Attempt - for MOSAS 7

This one doesn't have the hanging tags an the pages open in more foa straight line.