Trusham OPC

I am the online parish clerk (OPC) for the Devon parish of Trusham (as well as Ashton, Cheriton Bishop, Christow, Drewsteignton, Dunsford, Hennock, Holcombe Burnell, and Sowton). This means I have volunteered to help fellow genealogists whose ancestors may have lived in Trusham. I am not the official parish clerk appointed by the Trusham Parish Council. For an explanation of the OPC scheme, see Devon Online Parish Clerks. If you are looking for the official parish clerk of Trusham, the website of the Diocese of Exeter may help.

Please start by reading the Trusham page at Genuki. Information already provided there will not be duplicated here.

In addition to general Trusham-related genealogical advice, I can provide lookups in the following Trusham parish registers:

Please note that in the unindexed registers I can only help you if you have a rough idea of the date of the event you are asking for. (Within a year or two is good enough.) I am also happy to serve as a repositor of any Trusham-related genealogical information that you would like to make available to others. I will be adding more information and resources to this page over time.

My email address is listed at the top and bottom of this page. I look forward to hearing from you and will try to help if I can.

My personal interest in Trusham comes from my one-name study of the surname Sercombe. If you have any Sercombe information, from Trusham or elsewhere, I would very much like to hear from you.

Surnames in the Baptism Register 1559-1568

Alford - Baker Bennet - Credford Creedford - Fansten Fansty - Grey - Herneman - Jones - Lightfoot Lightfoott - Olsbrom - Pook Pooke - Tucket

Surnames in the Baptism Register 1742-1811

Amerey - Baker Ball Beckham Board Bolt Bond Briant Bryant - Carthew Casely Causley Chamberlayne Cleave Combe Combes Coombes Criddford Cridiford - Dolling Dyer - Edwards - Followay Frances Francis - Gist Goffe Gove Guest - Harris Hatherley Hatherly Heans Hitt Hole Holman Hunt - James - Loughton - Milward Moor Moore Mortimore - Oliver - Pain Palmer Pardy Payn Payne Philips Pitts Potter Pridham - Ridler Ridley Robins Rydler - Saterley Saterly Satterley Satterly Smale Small Stevens Stook Stooke - Tapp Tapper Tothill Turner - Westcott Wiet Wilcox Willcocks Woodrow Wyat Wyatt - Yeats

Surnames in the Baptism Register 1811-1959

Adams Aggett Andrew Andrews Anning Aptin Archer Ashplant - Bailey Baillie Baily Baker Ball Barrs Barton Beer Blackmore Blake Board Bond Bovey Bray Brock Brooks Budd Burridge Burton Buzza - Carthew Causeley Causley Chamberlain Cheesman Clarke Cleave Cobley Cockram Collins Coombe Coombes Coombs Cornish Cotter Court Cox - Dart Davey Davis Dayment Daymond Diamond Dilling Dolbear Dolling Dollings Dollins Drake Dunstan Durham Dyer Dymond - Edwards Ellis Endacott - Fenwick Finch Fisher Flay Fleming Frost Furler - Garrett Gerry Gibbs Giles Gist Gove Gregory Groves - Hammacott Harding Harner Harris Hawker Hearn Hill Hodge Holman Holmes Hopkins Hornsford Howard Huddison Hunt Hutchings Hutchins - Ireland - Jeffs Job Johns - Knowles - Lake Lane Langdon Lawrence Leach Lentern Lentin Lethbridge Lidster Lonyon Lugg - Marks Martin Maynard Meadway Merchant Morris - Nichols - Paine Parsons Patch Payne Peters Phillpotts Pile Pittard Potter Price Pridham Pulling - Rabjohns Rendle Reynolds Rice Richardson Roberts Robins - Sampson Sandford Satterley Satterly Scott Sensier Shapter Shillitto Short Smith Snell Southwood Stevens Stone Stooke - Thackeray Thompson Tothill Totthil Towell Towillis Townsend Trout Tucker Turner - Underhill - Veale - Waldron Walker Walsworthy Warren Wesley Whealer Wheeler Wilcock Wilcocks Wilcox Wills Wolland Woolland Wright Wyatt - Zaple

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