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I am the online parish clerk (OPC) for the Devon parish of Christow (as well as Ashton, Cheriton Bishop, Drewsteignton, Dunsford, Hennock, Holcombe Burnell, Sowton, and Trusham). This means I have volunteered to help fellow genealogists whose ancestors may have lived in Christow. I am not the official parish clerk appointed by the Christow Parish Council. For an explanation of the OPC scheme, see Devon Online Parish Clerks. If you are looking for the official parish clerk of Christow, the website of the Diocese of Exeter may help.

Please start by reading the Christow page at Genuki. Information already provided there will not be duplicated here.

In addition to general Christow-related genealogical advice, I can provide lookups in the following Christow records:

Please note that except for the indexed date ranges noted above (which I will be adding to over time) I can only help you if you have a rough idea of the date of the event you are asking for. (Within a year or two is good enough.) I am also happy to serve as a repositor of any Christow-related genealogical information that you would like to make available to others. I will be adding more information and resources to this page over time.

My email address is listed at the top and bottom of this page. I look forward to hearing from you and will try to help if I can.

My personal interest in Christow comes from my one-name study of the surname Sercombe. If you have any Sercombe information, from Christow or elsewhere, I would very much like to hear from you.

Surnames in the Baptism Register 1653-1710

Amery Amerye Archer Austell Austian - Baddon Ballhatchet Bauden Bawden Belarye Bellarye Berrey Berrie Berry Boawden Brome Broome Buckinham - Caseley Casely Catter Causley Causleygh Christophers Clampet Clampett Clampit Clampitt Coll Colle Continge Crispin Cummin Curcum - Davyes Dony - Edwards Ellacot Engins - Flood Flooud Floud Flud Fouer Foweracre Foweracres Fursdon Furse - Gibbins Gibon Gibons - Hall Hallet Harvey Havel Havell Hayden Hoare Hodge Holleman Holman Honywell Hoore Hopping Hore - Jacob Jewel Jewell - Kennell - Lake Lamacraft Lamcraft Langdon Laskey Leer - Malander Maynard Meadland Meadway Medway Medwaye Mortemer Mortimer Mortimore Morton Mounsdon - Olever Osborn Osborne - Padden Paddon Paden Pain Palmer Parkin Peeke Philp Philpe Pike Pitt Pitte Pomery Porter Poter Potter Pottere Prouce Pytte - Rendel Rendell Renell Rennell Renyell Reynell Robidge Rowe - Sanders Satterley Saunders Screech Shillstone Shilstone Shorte Skreech Smyth Southcum Strang Surcombe Surcome Surcum Surcumb Surcumbe Symmonds Symmons Symon Symonds - Tapper Tawmon Tayle Tayler Taylor Taylour Tiggins Tincombe Tinkombe Tinkome Tole Tolle Tounsen Tounsend Townsend Traci Tracie Tracy Tracye Tyncumb Tyncumbe - Valance Vallance Vynnycom - Wellington Whiddon White Whitt Whyte Widdicum Widicumb Wills Withicombe Withicome Wolcumb Worthy Worthylake Wrayford - Yeo

Surnames in the Baptism Register 1711-1812

Adams Addems Ademms Amery Angel Archer Arscott - Back Bagwill Baily Ball Barber Batten Bawden Bawdon Beckham Biddle Bolton Bowden Bragg Brock Brockerton Brockington - Caseley Casely Casley Chapel Charaton Cheriton Clampit Clampitt Clark Clerk Coldridge Cole Corish Cornish Coysh Cripsey Crispin Cross - Dally Daymond Delve Densome Dey Diggins Digings Dodd Dormer Dunrich - Eals Easton Elliot Ellis Enon - Flood Floud Foster Fouracres Frost Fursdon - Gibson Gilbert Gipson Gourd Gover Green Griffin Guscot Guscott Gustick Gustock Gypson - Hall Hamlin Hamlyn Harris Hayman Hayward Henley Heyman Heyward Holman Honeywell Honiwill Honniwill Hore Howard - Jewel Jordain Jordan Jourdan Jury - Kearsly Kennacott Kernick King - Lamcraft Langdon Lear Leare Leman Lethbridge Leyman Liverton Loveton Loveys Lovish Lovys Luces Luscombe - Maine Mann Mardon Marshall Mayne Meadway Medland Medway Merdon Mihan Miller Mitchel Morish Mortimer Mortimore Mounsdon Mudge - Newcombe - Osborn Osborne - Paddon Page Parker Parr Paul Payn Payne Pearse Peaster Pester Phelip Philips Phillip Phillips Philp Philpe Pinsent Pit Pitt Ponsford Potter Pritchard Prouse Prowse - Quick - Rendle Reynel Reynell Robbidge Rolestone Rolleston Rollestone Rolstone Rowe Rowlestone Rundle - Saffin Salter Sampson Sanders Savine Sercombe Shilson Short Sims Sircombe Sircum Smalridge Smerdon Soper Southcombe Stapeling Stapling Stephens Stile Stooke Strang Strong Surcombe Symons - Tapper Tilly Tole Tolle Tombs Tomms Toms Townsen Tracey Tracy Trout Tucker Tucket Tuckett - Vole Vooght Vought Voysey - Walling Ware Warren Weare Whiddon White Widdon Widecomb Widecombe Widicombe Wilcocks Williams Wills Withecombe Wollacott Wood Woodley Wrayford Wreyford Wyatt - Yeats Yendell Yeo

Surnames in the Baptism Register 1813-1858

Addams Addems Amery Arch Archer Arscot Arscott Ash - Babel Beer Bennett Bere Berry Biddar Bidder Bishop Blake Board Bolitho Bolley Boussey Bowden Bowdon Bradden Bradden Braddick Braddon Bragg Braily Brimicombe Brimicome Broad Brockington Brooks Browning Bulley Burridge Bussell - Caseley Casely Casley Chamberlain Chapple Cheriton Clannick Clems Climmer Clinnick Cole Coleridge Coles Colman Conter Cornish Counter Cox Coysh Crocker Cross Cundy - Daneley Daniell Darges Davies Davis Delve Denscumbe Diggings Diggins Dormer Dundrige Dyer - Earl Earley Edwards Elliot Ellis Endacot Endacott Endicott Ewing - Fenton French Frost - Gidley Gilbert Gorve Goss Gove Green Guscot Guscott - Hall Hamlyn Harris Harvey Hayman Heal Heath Hemans Hemens Henley Henly Hext Hockings Holcombe Hole Holman Hooper Hore Horell Horrell Hoskins - Job Jordan - Kenick Kennacot Kennacott Kernick Keys Knapman - Lake Lamacraft Lane Langworthy Lanyon Leat Leman Lethbridge Levaton Lonyon Lovaton Loveys Lowdey Luckas Luscombe - Maker Marks Matthews Meadway Meady Meardon Megloshaw Melton Merdon Morrish Mortimore Moyle Mudge - Nancarrow Nichols Noble Norrish Northcott - Orpins Osborn Otton - Packer Partridge Pellew Pennington Penrose Phelps Phillips Pinwill Potter Praed Prouse Prowse Puddicombe - Quintrel - Raymond Reed Rendles Robins Rollestone Rolston Rolstone Rowe Rudda Ruge - Sanders Sandford Scott Sercombe Sercome Setter Shilston Short Sims Sircombe Smerdon Smith Soper Stocker Stonelake Stook Stooke Stranger - Tamlyn Tizzard Toms Townsend Tyrrel - Uren - Vivian - Walling Warren Webber Wedlake Wedlock Westlake Wilcocks Wilcox Willcocks Wills Wonnau Woodley Woon - Yandall Yeates Yeats Yendal Yendall Yendell Yendle

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