Cheriton Bishop OPC

I am the online parish clerk (OPC) for the Devon parish of Cheriton Bishop (as well as Ashton, Christow, Drewsteignton, Dunsford, Hennock, Holcombe Burnell, Sowton, and Trusham). This means I have volunteered to help fellow genealogists whose ancestors may have lived in Cheriton Bishop. I am not the official parish clerk appointed by the Cheriton Bishop Parish Council. For an explanation of the OPC scheme, see Devon Online Parish Clerks. If you are looking for the official parish clerk of Cheriton Bishop, the website of the Diocese of Exeter may help.

Please start by reading the Cheriton Bishop page at Genuki. Information already provided there will not be duplicated here.

In addition to general Cheriton Bishop-related genealogical advice, I can provide lookups in the following Cheriton Bishop parish registers:

I also have an index to

Please note that except for the indexed date ranges noted above (which I will be adding to over time) I can only help you if you have a rough idea of the date of the event you are asking for. (Within a year or two is good enough.) I am also happy to serve as a repositor of any Cheriton Bishop-related genealogical information that you would like to make available to others. I will be adding more information and resources to this page over time.

My email address is listed at the top and bottom of this page. I look forward to hearing from you and will try to help if I can.

My personal interest in Cheriton Bishop comes from my one-name study of the surname Sercombe. If you have any Sercombe information, from Cheriton Bishop or elsewhere, I would very much like to hear from you.

Surnames in the Baptism Register 1664-1669

Aiett Assh Blake Bolt Boolt Boult Burnell Burrage Burridge - Cann Canne Chedly Chidly Chudley Collihall Collihole Colliholl Cudmor - Day Dicker Dickledg Donsford Dumford - Earell Edwards Elson Elsone - Ford Forde Frost Furse - Gale Gorven Gorwyn Gregor Gregory Grible Gubines - Heal Heall Hill Hollman - Jordane - King Knapman - Langdon Lee Lethbridg Lethbridge Light… - Martyn Merdon Morrice Murch - Napman - Orchard - Palmer Puddicombe Pudicomb - Radfford Radford Reed - Sanders Smale Small Snell Snow Staback Stabacke Staddon Stonman - Taper Tapper Tucker - Underhill - Ward - Yomman

Surnames in the Baptism Register 1682-1762

Adams Agate Aggate Agget Aggett Aggot Aish Alford Allington Amery Arscot Arscott Arter Arthur Ascot Ascott Ash Ashe Aurther Avery Aysh - Baker Ball Ballemy Baredons Battishill Bear Beare Beauford Beer Bennet Bennett Berry Best Blackaller Blake Blanchford Bolt Boon Boone Borman Borridge Boyen Bragg Brimblecomb Brimblecombe Brimelcomb Brimmacom Brimmage Brok Brook Brounscomb Brown Browncom Browne Browning Brownscomb Brownscombe Brumigham Buckingham Burnel Burnell Burrath Burridge Burrige - Cann Cantrel Carter Caseley Certer Chensoll Cheriton Chidleigh Chidley Chidly Chudleigh Chudly Churchill Clarke Clenock Coles Collins Collyhole Colwell Combe Connot Cooke Cornish Courtes Courtice Crispin Crocker Curry Curson Curtice Curtis - Dally Dammerell Davie Davy Day Daymont Delve Densham Dicker Dicklegg Diglegg Dingles Discomb Discombe Discome Discum Discumb Drake Drew Dymond - Earland Eastabrooke Elson Elston - Finch Foord Ford Frost - Gale Gay Gerrey Gest Gidley Giss Glanvill Gorrin Gorrwyn Gorsling Gorven Gorwin Gorwyn Goscot Gosling Green Gregory Grelott Gribble Grible Griffen Griffin Grudgyford Gubbins Guest Guiss Guscot Guscott - Hameat Hamlin Hamline Hamlyn Hammett Harper Haydon Headon Heal Heale Heall Heard Hecoll Hele Herd Herrot Herrst Hill Hole Holeman Holman Holmes Honny Hooper Hoper Hopper Hore How Howard Hubbard Hunt Hurchel Hurchell Hurchill Hurwell - Jackman Jeffery Johnson Jones Jordan - Keenor Kensole Kentshole Kingston Knapman - Lake Lambert Lamcraft Lamcroft Lammacraft Lammacroft Lane Langdane Langdon Laskey Laskie Leach Leake Leathbridge Lee Leech Leigh Lendon Lethbridg Lethbridge Lewes Lewis Lillycrop Linscot Linscott Lobb Lock Loram Lugg - Madge Manley Manly Manning Mason May Middlton Milford Milton Morich Morrice Morris Murch - Nicholls Nichols Nicohols Norden Northway Norton Noseworthy Nosworthy - Orchard Osborn Oweing Owen Owens - Palmer Parker Parr Parrah Parrow Pasmore Payne Perrey Philips Phillips Philp Philppe Piper Pitts Plimpshall Plimshole Plymshole Ponsford Poteham Potam Potter Preston Pridham Prisson Prout Pulton - Radcliffe Raison Rattenbury Raymond Reed Rendall Rendell Renden Rendle Rendoll Rhodes Rice Risdon Robbins Robins Rod Row Rowden Rowdon Rowe Rundell Rundle Rymore - Sanders Sargent Saunders Sercot Sercott Setter Setton Seward Shaddick Shillston Shillstone Shilston Shute Sitter Skeanes Skinner Smale Small Smalridge Smith Snow Soper Southcott Soward Squiire Squire Staback Stabback Staden Stephens Stoneman Stonman Strong Stronge Strongue Stroud Sutten Sutter Sutton - Tancock Taylor Tenement Thompson Tozer Tremlet Tremlett Triggins Trigs Trimlet Trimlett Trude Tucker Tuke - Underhill Undrill Upton - Vaygars Vennecome Vesey Vinecombe Vinicombe Vinicome Vinnicombe Voysey - Walch Walkey Walky Walsh Ward Waren Warren Wastaway Waundle Way Webber Welch Westaway Westway White Williams Willmet Wills Wonson Woodleigh Woodleighe Woodley Wooton Wotten Wotton Wrayford - Yallon Yealand Yelland - Zek'l

Surnames in the Baptism Register 1763-1812

Aget Alson Alsop Anthony Arden Arscott Arther Arthur Arthurs Ascott Ash Avery - Back Battershall Battershill Beare Beaufort Beer Beere Bennet Bennett Berry Blachford Blackaller Blanchford Bollover Bolt Bradford Brewer Brimblecombe Britton Broadway Browning Bullover Bunter - Callaway Cann Chidley Chidly Chudley Clark Clarke Clerk Colson Connought Coombe Corey Coring Corsey Corswy Crispin - Dagworthy Dart Davie Davy Daymond Dicker Drake Drew Dunnicombe Dymond - Earland Effery Elliott Elson Elston Elstone Endacott Endecott - Farley Fewins Fortescue Foulkes Frost - Gale Garland Gidley Glynn Goring Gorwin Gorwyn Gosland Gosling Gossland Gove Green Grendon Grove Guscott Gusscot - Hales Hammet Haydon Headon Heale Hill Hoale Hole Holmes Hurchell Hurchil Hurchill Hutchill Hutching Hutchings - James Jamesson - Kelly Kembell Kemble Kimble - Lake Lambert Lammacraft Laskey Laskie Lasky Layman Leg Lendon Lethbridge Leyman Lidger Lillycrop Loram Lot Lucas Luxen Luxton Lydear - Madge Martyn Mathews McChurch Melhuish Milford Millman Millton Milton Muge Murch - Newman Newton Norton - Orchard Osborn Osborne Osburn Osburne - Palmer Palmor Parker Parkhouse Parr Partridge Pasmore Passmoor Passmore Philips Phillips Pitts Place Polle Ponsford Popman - Raymond Redway Reed Ridway Robins Rogers Rookes - Saffin Setter Shepherd Shilston Short Sibley Sitter Slocombe Smale Smith Snell Southcott Stevens Syms - Tancock Tapper Taylor Torr Torrington Torrinton Tothill Tozer Tremlett Trend Triggs - Underhill Upton - Vinecombe Voisey Voysey - Ware Warren Wastcott Wedlake Westaway Wills Wodes Woodley Woodly Woolland Woonson Wrayford Wreyford - Yealand Yealland Yell Yelland Yeoland -

Surnames in the Baptism Register 1813-1846

Aggett Arscott Ash Austin Ayre - Bear Beer Bending Bennet Bennett Bevan Binding Blanchford Bolt Bradford Bragg Bremblecombe Brewer Brimblecombe Britton Brock Brook Brooks Browning Burgess - Cann Chichester Chidley Ching Chudleigh Chudley Clark Clarke Cocker Corin Couch Crus - Dart Davey Davy Dicker Dodge Drake Drew - Eaker Ellis Elson Elston Elstone Endacott - Facey Farler Farley Farrier Fawdon Fewins Finch Foreden Frost - Gale Gibbings Giles Gorwyn Goss Gossland Green Grendon Gribble Groves Guscott Gusscott - Hall Hambly Hamley Hamlyn Harris Harvey Hatherleigh Haydon Hayward Heals Heard Hele Hewish Hill Hoare Hodge Hole Hollis Hookings Hooper Hore Horn Howard Hubbard Hurchel Hurchell Hurchill Hurtchell Hurtchill Hutching Hutchings Hutchins Hutton - James Jervis - Kellaway Kelloway Kemble Kenshole - Lake Laskey Leach Leech Lethbridge Lias Linscott Loram Lucas - Mark Marks Martin Mathews Milford Moore Morrish Mudge - Newcombe Northcott - Odes Osborn Osborne Osburn - Palmer Parr Partridge Pasmore Passmore Pearse Perrot Perrott Peters Phillips Pickard Pike Piller Pitt Pitts Ponsford Pook Pooke Potter Preston Priston - Randell Raymond Reed Reeve Rendal Rendle Rendles Richards Roberts Robins Rogers Routley - Saffin Setter Sims Smale Smith Snell Southcott Stanbury Steer Stone Stoneman - Tancock Taverner Townsend Townshend Tremlett - Vigers Vinicombe Voysey - Ware Watts Webber Wescott Westcott Wills Wrayford Wright - Yelland

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