Holcombe Burnell OPC

I am the online parish clerk (OPC) for the Devon parish of Holcombe Burnell (as well as Ashton, Cheriton Bishop, Christow, Drewsteignton, Dunsford, Hennock, Sowton, and Trusham). This means I have volunteered to help fellow genealogists whose ancestors may have lived in Holcombe Burnell. I am not the official parish clerk appointed by the Holcombe Burnell Parish Council. For an explanation of the OPC scheme, see Devon Online Parish Clerks. If you are looking for the official parish clerk of Holcombe Burnell, the website of the Diocese of Exeter may help.

Please start by reading the Holcombe Burnell page at Genuki. Information already provided there will not be duplicated here.

In addition to general Holcombe Burnell-related genealogical advice, I can provide lookups for Holcombe Burnell people in the following resources:

Please note that except for the indexed date ranges (which I will be adding to over time) I can only help you if you have a rough idea of the date of the event you are asking for. (Within a year or two is good enough.) I am also happy to serve as a repositor of any Holcombe Burnell-related genealogical information that you would like to make available to others. I will be adding more information and resources to this page over time.

My email address is listed at the top and bottom of this page. I look forward to hearing from you and will try to help if I can.

My personal interest in Holcombe Burnell comes from my one-name study of the surname Sercombe. If you have any Sercombe information, from Holcombe Burnell or elsewhere, I would very much like to hear from you.

Surnames of Baptisms in the Bishop's Transcripts 1609-1671

Bartlett Best Bird - Cann Caseley Commins Conn... Coxe - Ellacott Esrie - French - Hellier Hill Hunt - Jeffrey - Kemmell - Langdon - May Mintern Mintorn Moxey Moxsye - Norrish - Odle - Pitman Pope - Sandford Shilston Smalridge Sparke Symo... - Townsen Townsend - Wadland Weekes

Surnames in the Baptism Register 1657-1669

Bird Burgoine Burne - Cann Casley Champernowne Cotley Cummins - French - Hill - Kemmell - Legg - Morrish - Norris - Oram - Pope - Reed - Sanders Saunders Sparke - Townsen Townsend - Wescott Westcott White - and some others that are illegible

Surnames in the Baptism Register 1694-1752

Ascott - Baxter Bickley Bickly Bicknell Bowman Browne Browning Burage Burd - Cake Carpenter Casely Casly Chambers Circomb Clark Coles Coombe Cox Crispin Cummin Cutlye - Davie Decker Dingle Dod Dodd Drake - Eavons Edmonds Edmunds Essery Esworthy Evans - French Fullwood Furse Furze - Gee German Glass Gould Gully - Hakeworthy Halmes Harris Hawkins Heard Hickley Hill Hodge Hutchins - Irish - Jones - Kingwell Knapman - Lamacraft Lamacroft Lang Langdon Lasky Lee Lendon Lugg - Marke Martin Martyn Milton Morris Morrish Mounsdon Moxhay - Nicoles Norish Norris Norrish - Orchard - Parr Pauling Pearse Philp Pinsent Pitman Pridham Prowse - Rattenbury Reedway Reynell Rice Rouse Row Rowe Rowlett - Scanes Searle Shelston Shilston Silly Skanes Slade Southcomb Southcombe Staback Stabback Steevens Stoneman Symons Syms - Tapper Taylor Taylour Thomas Tinckcombe Tincomb Townsend Trego Tucker - Vicary Vickery Vinicomb Vinicombe Vosper - Warren Weeks Wescot West Westcott Whiddon White Woolcombe

Surnames in the Baptism Register 1752-1807

Arnell Arnold Arscot Arscott Ash - Bastow Baxter Beear Beer Boffett Bufet Buffet Buffett - Cann Causley Coleridge Connett Coombe Cornish Cosons Crump - Dart Daymond Delve Densham Dicker Dimond Drew Drewe Dymond - Easton Edgcombe Ellis - Furse Furze Fuse - Goldsworthy Gove Graye - Halse Hawkins Hexter Hitchins Hole Honeywill - Jackson - Kelly Kemlett - Lake Lamacraft Lamacrate Lamacroft Langamade Langamaid Langemead Langmead Langworthy Legge Litton - Macey Marles Martin Martyn Melhuysh Milton Morrish Mortimer - Newton Norris Norrish - Packer Parish Paul Philips Phillipps Phillips Phosper Pile Ponsford Pratt Putt - Randall Randell Reed Rendal Rendel Rendell Renolds Reynolds Ridlier - Sanders Scanes Seaward Sercombe Setter Seward Shephard Shepherd Shilston Sims Sircombe Southcomb Southcombe Squire Stephens Syms - Tancock Tapper Townsend - Vicary Vickary Vinicombe Vosey Vosper - Warren Wescott West White Whitenhow Whiting Whittington Wills

Surnames in the Baptism Register 1807-1812

Beer - Colridge Cornish Cox - Daymond Dymond - Gove - Hawkins Hexter Hole Holman - Lamacraft Langmead Litlejons Littlejohn Littlejohns - Milton - Paddon - Ridler - Seaward Sercombe Slocken Sprigg Squire Stephens Strang Symes - Tremlett - Vicary - Warren West Westacott Wills

Surnames in the Baptism Register 1813-1927

Armstrong Ash Austin Avery - Baker Barrons Barrow Bartle Bauter Beer Bennett Blackmore Bolt Bond Brimacombe Brimecombe Britton Browning Buffet Buffett Bulley Bully Bumstead Burnet Burnett Burrow Byrom - Camp Cann Carmock Carrington Carter Caseley Casley Casway Cawsey Chaffe Chown Clapp Clarke Coaker Coldridge Cole Collard Collins Collyns Connett Conneybear Cornish Cosway Coursey Cox Croker Croump - Davey Day Deacon Drake Drew Dymond - Easton Ellis Endacott Esworthy Ewens - Fewens Fewins Flatwell(?) - Gillam Gillard Gillham Glanfield Glanvill Gliddon Goss Gove Gregory Griffin - Hamblin Hammett Hannaford Hanover Harding Harris Harvey Hawkins Haydon Heggaton Hill Hodge Holden Holding Hole Honeywell Honeywill Hook Hooper Houlding Houlditch Hussey Hutchings Huxtable - Jennings Joint Jones Jordan - Kalaway Kelley Kelly Kerswell Kerswill Knapman Knott Knowles - Lake Lamacraft Lamacroft Langdon Leach Leaman Lear Lee Littlejohns - Manning Martin May Mears Michelmore Milford Mills Milton Mitchell Moore Morrish Mugford Murch - Norrish Nosworthy - Paddon Padley Palmer Parsons Partridge Patch Payne Phillips Phippen Pillar Piller Pitts Podgen(?) Ponsford Powesland Powsland Preston Priston Puddicomb Puddicombe Pudicum - Ridge Ridlar Ridler Rodd Rolestone Rook Rooke Rookes Rooks Roper Rowe - Sandford Sanford Scott Sercombe Sercott Seward Shilston Shipcott Short Sims Skinner Slade Southcott Southwood Spear Squire Staddon Stanbury Stephens Strong Symon - Tapper Taylor Toll Townsend Tozer Tramlett Tremlet Tremlett Tucker - Veysey Vine Vosper Voysey - Waldy Walling Walter Walters Warren Wedlake Wescott West Westcott Whenslay White Wickett Widdicombe Wills Woollacott Wright - Yandell Yeo

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