Memorial Inscriptions

(From family photographs. Thanks to Peter Morgan of the Glamorgan
genealogy mailing list for advice on the Welsh inscriptions.)

(Photo courtesy of Joan Morgan, 1999.)
In / memory / of / the Reverend David Bannerman, / born in the manse of Inveravon, / 24th Nov. 1712, / ordained assistant and successor / to his father at Forglen, / 4th Feb. 1742, / translated to St. Martin's, / 29th June 1758, / died in the manse here, / 2nd June 1810, / in the 98th year of his age / and the 69th of his ministry: the Father of the Church of Scotland
(plaque in the exterior wall of the church of St. Martins, Perthshire)
John Alexander BANNERMAN
See here.
William ORFORD
In loving memory of William Orford of Bronffynnon, who passed away on the 8th day of March 1912, aged fifty years. R.I.P. the peace of God which passeth all understanding.
(gravestone in the churchyard of Llanfihangel-y-Penant, near Towyn, Merioneth)
William Hugh Bannerman ORFORD
Suffer little children to come unto me. William Hugh Bannerman Orford, eldest son of William and Katharine Orford, fell asleep 9th February 1893, aged 6 years.
(plaque in the church at Bryn-crug, near Towyn, Merioneth)
Joseph JONES
Thomas JONES
Er serchog goffadwriaeth am Joseph Jones Taibach yr hwn a cyfarfyddodd a'i angau yn nhanchwa'r Morfa Mawrth 10. 1890 yn 53 mlwydd oed. {Verse} Hefyd am Thomas Jones mab y rhagenwyd, yr hwn a fu farw Tachwedd 8. 1910 yn 47 mlwydd oed. Hefyd am Mary gwraig y rhagenwyd Joseph Jones yr hon a fu farw Mehefin 21. 1915 yn 77 mlwydd oed. [In affectionate remembrance of Joseph Jones of Taibach who met his death in the Morfa explosion March 10 1890 aged 53. {Verse} Also of Thomas Jones son of the aforementioned Joseph Jones, who died November 8 1910 aged 47. Also of Mary wife of the aforementioned Joseph Jones who died June 21 1915 aged 77.]
(large headstone [A64] in the churchyard of Holy Cross, Taibach, Glamorgan, as recorded by the GFHS and sent to me by Allen Blethyn)
Joseph JONES
Elizabeth DAVID
and two babies
Er cof am / Joseph Jones / annwyl briod Elizabeth Jones, / bu farw Mai 8fed 1937, / yn 76 mlwydd oed. / Deddf ei Dduw oedd yn ei calon ef. / Hefyd am 2 faban. / Hefyd am yr uchod Elizabeth Jones, bu farw Mehefin 24ain 1940, / yn 77 mlwydd oed. / "Felly y rhydd efe hn i'w / anwylyd."    [In memory of Joseph Jones, beloved husband of Elizabeth Jones, who died May 8th 1937, aged 76. God's law was in his heart. Also of 2 babies. Also of the above Elizabeth Jones, who died June 24th 1940, aged 77. Thus He gives eternal rest to His beloved.]
(gravestone in the churchyard of Holy Cross church, known locally as the Chapel of Ease, Taibach, Glamorgan)
David "Dai" JONES
and Catherine "Cassie" DAVID
Er cof annwyl am / David Jones / a fu farw Tach 25 1956 / yn 72 mlwydd oed / hefyd am ei annwyl briod / Catherine Jones / a fu farw Ebrill 23 1962 / yn 76 mlwydd oed.    [In loving memory of David Jones, who died November 25 1956, aged 72. Also of his beloved wife Catherine Jones, who died April 23 1962, aged 76.]
(gravestone, location unknown, presumably near Taibach, Glamorgan)
David Ivor JONES
and Mary Elizabeth "Liz" JONES
Er cof am David Ivor annwyl briod Mary Elizabeth Jones, bu farw Rhagfyr 1st 1932, yn 46 mlwydd oed. "Dy ewyllys Di a wneler" Hefyd am Mary Elizabeth Jones a fu farw Ionawr 27, 1970 yn 83 mlwydd oed. hyn a allodd hon hi a'i cwnaeth".    [In memory of David Ivor, beloved husband of Mary Elizabeth Jones, who died September 1 1932, aged 46. "Thy will be done." Also of Mary Elizabeth Jones, who died January 27 1970, aged 83. "She did what she could.")
(gravestone, location unknown, presumably near Taibach, Glamorgan)
and Richard Haworth PEARSON
In loving memory of / RICHARD / the younger and tenderly / loved son of / Rev. James S. & Alice / HAWORTH / Born May 3rd 1883 / Died June 25th 1886 / "He shall gather the lambs / with his arm and carry / them in his bosom"
In Loving Memory of / RICHARD HAWORTH / son of James Fildes & Mary Pearson / of Heaton Mersey / Who died Oct 16th 1885, Aged 3 years
(adjacent gravestones, location unknown, presumably in or near Manchester -- though the photograph from which this is transcribed came from a Liverpool studio)
Katharine SAUNDERS
Katharine Orford / Oct. 16 1947 / Lord into Thy hands
(gravestone in the churchyard at Charlton Kings)

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