Tablet in Memory of John Alexander Bannerman (1758-1819)

(From a photocopy of a rubbing. The original is inside St. George's church, Penang, Malaysia.)

To the Memory of
The Honorable Colonel
Who after an eventful Service of Forty-three Years,
In various important Situations
Under the English East-India Company,
Died Governor of this Presidency, on the 8th of August, 1819,
Aged 61 Years.

Of the Spotless Integrity & unshaken firmness
Of his Public Character,
And of the great Utility of his Public Life,
The History of British India
Contains abundant & Honorable evidence.

This Tablet
Is intended by a few friends
As a humble but affectionate Memorial
Of their esteem and veneration
For the manly worth and many endearing virues,
Which distinguished & adorned
The Private life and character of
Colonel Bannerman.

content last revised 17 May 2004