I am developing the next generation computational models and forecasting tools for sustainable development and conservation of sensitive ecosystems. I am interested in understanding the Indian ocean and predicting the vagaries of the Indian monsoon. I am also interested in the fields of education, and science, technology and public policy.

Here is my curriculum vitae.

Esteemed Presenter Award: Best Theoretical/Computational Presentation, Sept 2015

Awarded at the Mechanical Engineering Research Symposium, MIT

Honourable Mention Award in Graduate Science, May 2015

Awarded at the de Florez Design Competition, MIT

Best Poster Award, Mar 2015

Awarded at the Centre for Computational Engineering Symposium, MIT

Runner-up Poster Award, Nov 2014

Awarded at the Dynamic Data Driven System Sciences Conference (DyDESS) 2014

Highest GPA Award, 2012

Awarded to the senior with highest GPA in Mechanical Engineering at IIT Madras

MITACS Globalink Scholarship

Awarded to top 2% of juniors across Indian Universities to undertake research in Canada. Link here.

GE Foundation Leader Scholar 2009-11

Awarded to roughly 200 students among 14 countries. Link here

National Talent Scholar, 2005

Awarded to top 0.01% of among 150,000+ applicants by Government of India through a three stage competitive exam

CBSE Merit Certificates, 2005 and 2007

Awarded to top 0.01% of passed candidates in 10th grade and 12th grade national exams by Central Board of Secondary Education, India