The Crew



From the Hippocrates

Starship Hippocrates: Jerry
The HMS Hippocrates is a Hermes-class Hegemonic Medical Frigate. Its hull is a flat-stern low-vertical-aspect pentagonal wedge, flattened topside for shuttle bay doors. Its length is 54.2 meters, beam 42.9 meters, draft 21.1 meters. It has two main engines in a port-starboard configuration, one utility laser, landing gear for limited atmospheric operations, a Kaufman Emergency Medical Facility, berths for 38 crew, and a very protective AI.

Janzur Therive: Eon
At 6'4", the blond, grey-eyed Janzur Therive cuts an impressive figure in his Hegemonic Elite Guard uniform. Lurking beneath the straight-laced, spit-shined, taut alertness that he shares with many well-trained military fighters is a sense of something sad and distant. One gets the idea that his direct grey glance doesn't miss too much, either.

Dr. Sophia Anastasia Symphony-Hayes: Sara
Sophia appears to be in her late twenties, though she claims to be substantially older. She wears her dark hair pinned back in a braid or bun to keep it out of her eyes, and tends to wear a lab coat with lots of pockets when puttering about the ship.

James Powell: Tom
A boy of about fourteen.

Cassandra Lyrae: GM - NPC
A well known artist in the times of the First Hegemony, Cassandra is a tall woman with fairly pale skin, and white hair. She usually dresses in light flowing gowns, but changes into a sort of jump suit while in the Kaufman facility. Her eyes are usually closed, as she is blind. She seems to get around just fine though. When questioned about her art, she mostly just shrugs and claims never to have seen any of it.

Voriig Kye's Expedition

Dr. Voriig Kye: Derrick
Dr. Kye holds a doctorate in archaeology from the Imperial University on Riden. He has established himself as an intuitive researcher and excavator, having conducted several digs throughout the Inworlds. He has a number of arrangements with museums (and a few private collectors), primarily on Riden and Sanctuary (New Light), but professes no political alignment. He always seems happiest when down in an excavation pit, with chisel and brush in hand. Dr. Kye is 5'10", with dark brown hair and green eyes.

January Sook: Marleigh
Sook is one of the old standbys of a Kye expedition. While not much use with the actual excavation, she is a computer specialist with a good track record for being able to hack into unfamiliar computer systems. If this Hegemonic ship does exist, she'll be in charge of breaking into the computer. Sook is an Asian woman in her mid-twenties. (What's a 133t Master?)

Max Sinclair: Rob
Max Sinclair is a small man with short, black hair (a little bit of grey) and moderately dark skin. He provided Dr. Kye with the initial location of the ship, and is serving the expedition as a sensor operator. He's very good at finding things --- be it meaningful data in sensor noise, a misplaced ring, or a hard-to-find part --- and generally easy to get along with.

Evaline Rose Thorssen: Kate
Eva was originally hired by Dr. Kye to handle officialdom in the blue Hegemony on behalf of the expedition. She's a pretty, slim woman with brown hair & brown eyes. Her demeanor in generally pleasant, friendly, and talkative, but she has firm, no-nonsense side that comes out in more difficult times. She's a competant starship pilot, but her real strengths are her conversational and analytic skills.

Mirris: Rose
Mirris is a dark-haired woman, square-shouldered with graceful and nimble fingers. She tends to be energetic, even wired, and is easily cheerful. She was hired by Dr. Kye in case there was extra security on the artifact, and as computer support for Sook.

Sharra Wade: Adina
Sharra Wade is a tall, brown-skinned woman with long black hair. She's quiet and withdrawn, until she sees a new gadget. She was hired by Dr. Kye to provide technical and engineering support for his expedition.

Crew of the Exotic Dancer

Ace: Pete
Ace is a rakishly handsome man in his mid 20s with short dark hair. He's frequently seen in a casual slooch that on closer inspection resembles a cat coiled to leap. Ace is the pilot of the Exotic Dancer, the ship which brought the archology expedition to Sundown.

Grimblemaury: Charles
Grimblemaury, Prince of Cerin, is a Jellical. They're a race of genegineered catmen, principally resident on Hazard. His off-planet guardian, for those planets that need one, is Katya. Grimblemaury (``Maury'' for short) is about average height for his race at slightly over 6 feet tall. He's covered in blue-black fur, with a tail, claws, cat-ears, and whiskers. His hands and feet are more human than paw-like, though, and he's quite adept with a spanner, wrench, screwdriver, or welding torch. He's the ship's engineer on Ace's ship, and while on board doesn't seem to defer to Katya, although she's clearly a friend.

Katya Lavalor: Andrea
Katya is Grimblemaury's travelling companion and legal guardian in those places that require one (See Tinara). She specializes in psionics (telepathy and telekenisis). No one knows much about her background, partly because she never speaks. She is in her teens, small and frail-looking, with odd ice-blue eyes that have thin, nearly white, radial lines.

From Pierogi Ogral Station #2

Anataya Mikhaelova of Cemla: Mikka
A woman of about twenty, nearly six feet tall, with dark gold hair tied back severely, Anya is an Armsman to the Farseer of Pierogi. She wears livery of green with a stylized eye in gold and blue over heavy leather armor, as well as a sword and dagger, an antique blaster, and a number of throwing knives, and occasionally carries an ornate eight-foot ceremonial halberd about with her as well.

Jayla: Drew
Jayla is a young woman, maybe sixteen years old, wearing primitive soft leather clothing and carrying a flint-headed spear. She manages to somehow seem both defenseless and authoritative at the same time. Jayla has light brown hair, hacked away wherever it gets in the way.

Kith of Creek: Heidi
A young woman with sandy blonde hair, Kith wears the blue jumper and red blouse of a journeyman from the Place of Wisdom on Creek. She was delighted to learn that rather than spending her journeyman's year treating snakebites and green fever in the sparsely populated swamps of rural Creek she has been sent offworld to practice her arts and return an eyewitness account of galactic activities.

Ruehan V'Dalari: Brian
A forty-ish year old man, Mr. V'Dalari is gaunt, pale, with wispy white hair. He is usually seen in nicely cut clothing that is either deep colors, such as midnight blues, maroons, or blacks, or in stark white. He is a courtier, most recently providing advice to the Farseer of Pierogi and her court. He has clearly held patronage at other planets in the past but has been at Pierogi a good number of years as his counsel had been held in high esteem there.

the Sublime Xanthippe: Pier
An athletic young woman with auburn hair and green eyes, Xanthippe tends to move with a bouncy grace reminiscent of her tiger, Padira.

Wilson: NPC
A stout inworlder in his early forties, Wilson tends to the typical engineering nerd costume with plaid flannel shirt and pockets full of small tools. Wilson tends to keep to himself except when asked to do something, and appears somewhat intimidated by Sook, who he seems to consider his boss.
Martan: NPC
A tall, thin man in his early thirties, with dark hair and piercing eyes, Martan tends towards an air of melancholy when left to his own devices. He dresses somewhat sharply for an outworlder.

From Crux

the Tinoori: NPCs
Night-blooming-wisteria and Moment-before-dawn, and their child, First-frost-of-autumn, are all Tinoori, resembling giant extra-tall tarantula more than anything else. The two adults stand about four feet high, while First-frost-of-autumn is closer to the size of a beach ball.

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