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In Character


  1. Protect Jayla and Katya from deadly harm
  2. Protect the rest of the crew from deadly harm
  3. Help save the people of the linked worlds from the coming Flames
  4. Help create a governmental structure which will allow the 3 hegemonic bloodlines to be prepared for the next wave of the Flames. Currently, I believe this will mean one Hegemon and one Hegemony throughout the Linked Worlds (inworlds and outworlds)
  5. Re-create the Elites to serve the Hegemon in priority 4 as Hands and Eyes once more
  6. Help find a cure for Kaufman Degeneration

Computer Files


  • What looks like the beginnings of a training manual of some sort.


  • A collection of photos and video from the trip to see the whales.


  • Copies of Dr Midian Kandemeer's papers on the Tarn Alliance.

Janzur, at puttering after the Swimsuit Edition

Out of Character

About Janzur

At 6'4", the blond, grey-eyed Janzur Therive cuts an impressive figure in his Hegemonic Elite Guard uniform. Lurking beneath the straight-laced, spit-shined, taut alertness that he shares with many well-trained military fighters is a sense of something sad and distant. One gets the idea that his direct grey glance doesn't miss too much, either.

Janzur's Stateroom

The first thing one notes about Janzur's stateroom is that it is well-lit, orderly, and spotless. Everything has a place, and there's a place for everything. Anyone looking for anything in here probably has it easy, as things are logically and systematically put away. Items not currently in use are always stowed for zero-g. On the far wall, above the bed, is secured a painting by Cassandra Lyrae:

A painting of several men: In the foreground are two very similar men in similar Hegemonic uniforms. The older is handing a plasma brand to the younger. Around the pair are arrayed a middle aged man in an archaic, highly ornamented suit, another recognizable as Vissarion Nomarche in his typical regalia, and a third form, difficult to see as it's obscured by red, blue, and green mist. All of them seem to be holding plasma brands as well (as if to give them or having just been given them, not in a combat stance). In the back of the hall, the wall is lined with indistinct men in various Hegemonic uniforms. It is signed with a peculiar arrangement of five stars.

(Most people recognize the two central figures as Janzur (somewhat younger than he is) and Janzur (somewhat older than he is). The older Janzur looks more decorated. )

On the left-hand wall as you enter, a sword is stowed securely to the wall, easy to remove, but properly stowed for zero-g.

The other thing one notes about Janzur's stateroom is that there isn't very much there. A bed, a workspace with a terminal, clothes cabinet, weapons locker, small footlocker, and a low bookcase with a clear front that looks like it has some books and other items in it is about all that's there. On the wall above the workspace are secured a few select pictures from puttering time on Cerulean, including the Ace mystery watersquirt shot, Katya swim-flying, Eva playing with a whale, and Cassandra with her fingertips in the water. They look somehow out of place.

A Day in the Life of Janzur

Janzur is an invaribly early riser. After about 15 minutes of quiet sitting after rising, it's off to the rec. room. Every morning includes a regimen of stretching, plasma brand, unarmed, and other weapon katas, and calisthenics. Three mornings a week, a somewhat short but very fierce physical workout plan is added to the regular plan. Then cooldown, more sitting afterwards, back to his quarters for a shower, and breakfast.

Breakfast is fairly large, and eaten with great efficiency, probably around the time that most of the crew has breakfast.

Periodically throughout the day, Janzur will do security sweeps of the ship, checking storage areas, airlocks, secure areas, and the hangar deck, among other spots.

He's also been known to hold PE classes (unarmed seems a reasonably popular one now, with perhaps 2 students) as well. He prefers to do these pre-breakfast, but is willing to negotiate if his students have a problem with that. If no classes are being held, he will use the time to practice with new weapons he may be learning (currently blades).

Janzur usually has lunch in the cafeteria with whatever crew happen to be there.

In the afternoons, Janzur turns to at least an hour of simulation time with piloting and driving simulators, then reading. Reading continues after dinner (which is usually light to nonexistant, and again, taken in the cafeteria) until it's time to retire for the evening.


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