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Moment Before Dawn
Night Blooming Wisteria
First Frost of Autumn


The two Tinoori alchemists have replenished their stock sufficiently to begin experimental work, if wished. Many of the supplies they need can be replenished from Hydroponics, but others must be specially ordered. The cost to concoct further alchemicals is listed below; this covers the cost of supply replenishment.

Alchemical Cost
("Recommended for mated groups only!")
("Job well done" with notes of lilac, sandalwood, lightlily, and woodsmoke)
("Concentration and sharp wits" with notes of lemon, iron, and mint)
("Inexplicable and sudden" with notes of pine, fenten-mist, verbena, and rose)
Deja Vu32
("Recursive suggestion" with hints of ozone, seabrine, dust, talc, and ozone)
Painful Sensory Overload    8
("Acute distress", with strong flavors of horseradish, garlic, onion essence, capsicum, and alum)