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"We are all in the gutter, ... but some of us are looking to the stars"  
                                                                                 - Oscar Wilde -

Patterns, repititions, reruns. This is all life is. We get excited about a new movie. Worse, we wait for years for a movie that will at best repeat what we have seen before. These things should not motivate us...

Money is nothing but stored potential. It is the potential to do something with it. Perhaps other people's work is stored in the value of the money. But somehow, we always end up "wasting" most of this money... For instance, people at any station in life have to submit to its rules and conformities. These rules can manifest themselves in the form of social obligations and dress codes. Dress codes don't often come cheaply...

Isn't life all about goals? Do we mix up goals? Does beating the next door neighbor become a goal in itself? People compare themselves to their surroundings, being happy if they are above it. Perhaps they have forgotten that their surroundings can be filth.   Another goal is to prove how smart one is. Maybe this is also connected to beating the next door neighbor. These goals are just comparative. They are not goals... Are religions our way of relegating blame for our activities? When we are younger, we believe (or perhaps we are taught) that older people are wiser than us (or is it that we just assume so, since we look to our parents for guidance?) We always try to impress these "older" people. And when we fail, we have someone to say to: "It's not my fault," as if life really is about punishment and reward. Aren't these concepts just social creations? Who cares whether it was your fault or not that the car hit you on the street? It was you who ended up with a broken leg.  As we grow older, we can't justifiably try to impress those younger than us. So who do we look up to? Do we just say that it is no use trying to impress others, that it is in the end we ourselves that we should impress? Maybe. But sometimes we create a higher power that stays higher no matter how old we get. And then we are always justified in saying to this power: "It's not my fault. I did my best."



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