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1. Research area
Heart Kidney Brain
Coronary artery surgery"dot-com" Creatinine Carotidartery
Cardiology compass Creatinine 2
The conduction system of the heart Vascular surgical societies (link
Heart function definition , disease to the journal of vascular surgery)
More on the conduction system of Aorta diameter; aneurysm
the heart Angiotensin Converting
Heart physiology enzyminhibitors  (ACE inhibitors)
Congestive heart failure
Heart disease summary

2. Pictorials of anatomy  

Aorta pictures Nice heart pictorials
Pictures of heart and arteries Health visuals, pulmonary edema

3. Medical devices

Sphygmanometer NIR stent atherectomy procedure
Stent types Phytis stent     Med-Xcor stent
More on stents Coronary stents Medial device definition

4. References (dictionaries and journals)

Life sciences dictionary Medical dictionary Medline etc
American Journal of Kidney diseases ; Biological journals / abbreviations Human anatomy
aterisked items are available on the web Doctors' FAQ's on drugs Cell biology dictionary
Webster's online dictionary The virtual medical center More dictionaries
Doctor's Guide Medline search (biomednet)
Medline search (infotrieve)


Tests done on different systems

6. Physiology

Sympathetic vs Parasympathetic nervous system

7. Mechanics / Modeling

FEA Physics of blood flow Image processing tutorial
The math forum Some tutorials on fluids etc Unit conversion calculator
Vascular remodeling & Physics of blood flow in small Standard error & other statistical
hypertension arteries definitions

8. Cardiovascular stents pictures & its treatment

9. Other

Aortic aneurysm (Mayo clinic) Coarctation of the aorta


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