I just finished my Ph.D as a student working on the Rossi X-Ray Timing Explorer project at the Center for Space Research, under the supervision of Ronald Remillard and Deepto Chakrabarty. I analyzed data from a satellite that was launched in 1996 to observe the sky in the X-ray section of the spectrum, where the outbursts of binary star systems containing neutron stars and black holes can be seen. For those not familiar with X-ray astrophysics, I have placed a brief introduction here.

I am currently working as a post-doc at the MIT CSR with Fred Baganoff and the group that developed the Advanced CCD Imagging Spectrometer aboard the Chandra X-ray Observatory.

I am currently working on a project to catalog and identify the X-ray sources at the center of our Galaxy. The catalog of point sources will be published as:

  • Muno, M. P., Baganoff, F. K., Bautz, M. W., Ricker, G. R., Morris, M. R., Garmire, G. P., Feigelson, E. D., Brandt, W. N., Townsely, L. K., \& Broos, P. S. ``A Deep Chandra Catalog of X-ray Point Sources toward the Galactic Center'', submitted to the Astrophysical Journal

Also available are the electronic catalog, and a three color image of the inner 1/4 of the field (another version is on APOD).

My thesis research was on Millisecond Oscillations from Thermonuclear X-ray Bursts. A gzipped, postscript version is vainly installed here . Several papers have come out of this work:

  • Muno, M. P., Ozel, F., & Chakrabarty, D. ``The Amplitude Evolution and Harmonic Content of Millisecond Oscillations in Thermonuclear X-ray Bursts'', ApJ, 581, 550, (2002)

  • Muno, M. P., Chakrabarty, D., Galloway, D., & Psaltis, D. ``The Frequency Stability of Millisecond Oscillations in Thermonuclear X-ray Bursts'', ApJ, 580, 1048, (2002)

  • Muno, M. P., Chakrabarty, D., Galloway, D. K., & Savov, P., ``Millisecond Oscillations and Photospheric Radius Expansion in Thermonuclear X-Ray Bursts'', ApJ, 553, L157 (2001)

  • Muno, M. P., Fox, D. W., Morgan, E. H., & Bildsten, L., ``Nearly Coherent Oscillations in Type I X-Ray Bursts from KS 1731-260'', ApJ, 542, 1016 (2000)

I have also studied how the X-ray emission of X-ray binaries containing black holes and neutron stars varies on longer timescales:

  • Muno, M. P., Remillard, R. A., & Chakrabarty, D. ``How Do Z and Atoll X-Ray Binaries Differ?'', ApJ, 568, L35 (2002)

  • Muno, M. P., Remillard, R. A., Morgan, E. H., Waltman, E. B., Dhawan, V., Hjellming, R. M., & Pooley, G. ``Radio Emission and the Timing Properties of the Hard X-Ray State of GRS 1915+105'', ApJ, 556, 515 (2001)

  • Muno, M. P., Morgan, E. H., & Remillard, R. A., ``Quasi-periodic Oscillations and Spectral States in GRS 1915+105'', ApJ, 527, 321 (1999)

The complete listing of works on which I am a co-author is available through NASA ADS.

Finally, once when Don Smith wasn't looking, I stole his pager and found a gamma ray burst:

  • Levine, A.; Morgan, E.; Muno, M., GRB 980703, IAUC 6696