Let's put our heads together
and start a new country up
Our father's father's father tried,
erased the parts he didn't like
Let's try to fill it in, bank the quarry
river, swim
We knee-skinned it you and me, we
knee-skinned that river red


I just finished my Ph.D. in physics here at the technical school implicated in the above URL. If you're interested in that, look under "research". I am also married to the sweetest and most wonderful person I know, Thandi. Our wedding announcement is still under this link. For the next year, I will stay in Boston working on a post-doc, while Thandi finishes her degree.

I keep myself busy, when I'm not working, playing hockey (on ice in winter, on pavement in summer), running, and playing guitar (badly).

Before moving to Boston, I graduated from the University of California at Berkeley, with a Bachelor of Arts in physics and astronomy. While I was there, I indulged in a bit of the activism and insanity that still characterize the campus (although it it barely resembles the era of student protest in the sixties). I should emphasize the insanity part, because my activism was not directed toward a very worthwhile cause. I'm glad I allowed myself a little of this, since it has helped me put my values and beliefs into perspective.

Taking another step back, I grew up in Fountain Valley, a bedroom community in southern California famous for being next to Huntington Beach and Costa Mesa, and about half an hour from Disneyland. My youth was rather bland, although not unpleasant. I didn't play any sports in high school, but I was a Boy Scout and enjoyed community service. Nevertheless, I have tried hard not to become a Boring Person. You be the judge of whether I succeeded, although chances are, I don't really care what your decision is. . .