First Light

showcasing first results from the first light in the early universe observed with the James Webb Space Telescope
at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, June 12-16, 2023

Scientific Rationale

The James Webb Space Telescope will allow us to pierce deeper than ever before into the "Cosmic Dawn" of our universe to explore the formation and evolution of the first galaxies and quasars. In this conference we aim to bring together astronomers from around the world to present, discuss and interpret some of the first results on the early universe from the James Webb Space Telescope.

Some of the open questions that we would like to address are:
  • How did the first supermassive black holes form and grow?
  • How do the physical properties of high-redshift galaxies differ from galaxies in the local universe?
  • Can we find evidence for feedback in high-redshift galaxies?
  • When and how did the universe become reionized and metal enriched?
  • Can we observe the stellar light of quasar host galaxies in the early universe?

  • Invited Speakers

    Caitlin Casey (University of Texas)
    Xiaohui Fan (University of Arizona)
    Steven Finkelstein (University of Texas)
    Melanie Habouzit (Max Planck Institute for Astronomy)
    Joe Hennawi (UC Santa Barbara)
    Daichi Kashino (Nagoya University)
    Ivo Labbé (Swinburne University)
    Madeline Marshall (Herzberg Institute)
    Jorryt Matthee (ETH Zurich)
    Pascal Oesch (University of Geneva)
    Jane Rigby (NASA Goddard)
    Rachel Somerville (Flatiron Institute)
    Christina Williams (University of Arizona)

    Scientific Organizing Committee

    Christina Eilers (MIT; chair)
    Daniel Eisenstein (Harvard)
    Charlotte Mason (DAWN)
    Rohan Naidu (MIT)
    Rob Simcoe (MIT)

    Local Organizing Committee

    Dominika Ďurovčíková
    Christina Eilers
    Debbie Meinbresse
    Rohan Naidu
    Rob Simcoe
    Minghao Yue


    Please email us with any question you might have about the conference.