Marin Soljačić
(Pronunciation: Maa-ren Soul-ya-cheech )

MacArthur Fellow

Professor of Physics at MIT

(Photo by Greg Hren Photography for the RLE at MIT)

DATE AND PLACE OF BIRTH 7th February 1974; Zagreb, Croatia


  • Pappalardo Fellow; Physics Department, MIT, (2000-2003)


  • Max Born Award of Optica 2023.
  • Blavatnik National Award: 2014.
  • Young Global Leader (YGL) of the World Economic Forum: 2011.
  • MacArthur "genius" Fellowship Award: 2008.
  • SciAm50 Award of Scientific American for outstanding technological leadership (2007).
  • TR35 Award of the Technology Review: one of top 35 innovators under the age of 35. (2006)
  • Adolph Lomb Medal of Optica (previously the Optical Society of America) for 2005.


  • Princeton University, PhD in physics, (1996-2000):

- PhD thesis topic in Non-linear Optics with Prof. Mordechai Segev: "Instabilities in non-linear wave systems in optics"

(academic year 1999/2000 I spent at Technion, Haifa, Israel)

- MA thesis topic in Spin Glasses with Prof. Frank Wilczek: "A simple potential whose number of minima grows exponentially in the number of variables"

  • MIT, undergraduate education, (1992-1996):

- BSE in Physics

- BSE in Electrical Engineering

- Undergraduate thesis topic in Inflationary Cosmology with Prof. Lisa Randall, and Prof. Alan Guth: "Supernatural Inflation: Inflation from Supersymmetry with No (Very) Small Parameters"



              Prof. Marin Soljacic
              Room 6C-347, MIT
              77 Massachusetts Avenue
              Cambridge, MA 02139

    Tel: +1-617-253-2467

    Fax: +1-617-253-2562