Academic Courses

12.003 (Fall): Introduction to Atmosphere, Ocean, and Climate Dynamics (Note: will be taught by Prof. John Marshall in fall 2015)
This undergraduate class is designed to introduce students to the physics that govern the circulation of the ocean and atmosphere. The focus is on the processes that control the climate of the planet.
Pre-req: GIR:PHY1, GIR:CAL2
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12.812 (Spring): The general circulation of the atmosphere and climate change
(Will not be taught in Spring 2015)
An exposition of the main features of the general circulation of the Earth's atmosphere. The final part of the course explores possible changes in the general circulation associated with climate change.
Pre-req: 12:800 or instructor's permission
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12.312: Understand and run your own climate model
(Previously taught during IAP)
Overviews the fundamentals of simulating the Earth's climate. Basic background on the processes maintaining the climate is provided. Students run simple climate models (radiative-convective equilibrium and energy balance models) in Matlab and analyze output from the comprehensive climate models used in global-warming assessments.

12.802: Wave Motions in the Ocean and Atmosphere
(Previously co-taught with Glenn Flierl)
Basic ideas of geophysical wave motion in rotating, stratified, and rotating-stratified fluids.