12.003 Introduction to Atmosphere, Ocean, and Climate Dynamics


Instructor: Paul O’Gorman

TA: Elezhan Zhakiya

Class times: MWF 11am-noon (54-1623)

Recitation: Wed noon

Office hours for Paul: Thurs 4-5pm (54-1712)

Textbook: Atmosphere, Ocean, and Climate Dynamics by Marshall and Plumb

Prerequisites: Multivariable Calculus (18.02) and Physics I: Classical Mechanics (8.01)

Course description: Introduces the dynamical processes that govern the atmosphere, oceans, and climate. Topics include Earth's radiation budget, convection and clouds, the circulation of the atmosphere and ocean, and climate change. Illustrates underlying mechanisms through laboratory demonstrations with a rotating table, and through analysis of atmospheric and oceanic data.


  1. 1.Homework assignments (45%)

  2. 2.Class participation (5%)

  3. 3.A mid-term test (15%)

  4. 4.A final, closed book, exam on Friday Dec 16 from 1:30pm-4:30pm (35%)

Syllabus in pdf format