12.003 Introduction to Atmosphere, Ocean, and Climate Dynamics


Instructor: Paul O’Gorman

TAs: Brian Green and Jareth Holt

Class times: MWF 11.00-12.00 (54-1623)

Recitation time: Thursday 4-5pm (54-517)

Textbook: Atmosphere, Ocean, and Climate Dynamics by Marshall and Plumb

Prerequisites: Multivariable Calculus (18.02) and Physics I: Classical Mechanics (8.01)

Course description: Introduces students to the fluid dynamics and thermodynamics of the atmosphere and ocean. Emphasizes important processes in the maintenance of climate. Illustrates underlying mechanisms through laboratory demonstrations, using a rotating table, and through analysis of atmospheric and oceanic data.


  1. 1.Homework assignments - roughly one per week (45%)

  2. 2.Class participation (5%)

  3. 3.A mid-term test (15%) given out on Oct 20th

  4. 4.A final, closed book, exam (35%) at 9am on Tuesday December 16th

Syllabus in pdf format