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Dance Repertoire

MOTley Morris's current repertoire consists of the following dances, more or less. Dance descriptions, where available, are on their creators' web sites. Tunes are given in traditional music notation as well as abc format. Tunes were typeset using abc2ps.

Source (or at least where we learned it)
The Circle Dance (Not For Nobody) The Big Ship The Not For Joes
Dawley Return from the Waterside, by Andy Anderson Red Stags Morris (Andy Anderson)
The Drunken Idiot The Idiot, by Stan Rogers; words by Jon Berger The Bassett Street Hounds (Karin Howe and Mike Miller)
Four Lane End Four Lane End, by John Kirkpatrick John Kirkpatrick
Mr. Dolly George Green's College Hornpipe Red Stags Morris (Andy Anderson)
Morning Glory (Farmer's Glory) Morning Glory, by Andy Anderson Red Stags Morris (Andy Anderson)
Over the Top Over the Top, by Jeff Bigler MOTley Morris (Jeff Bigler)
Weobley Hankie Flowers of Edinburgh Red Stags Morris
Woodhouse Bog The Keel Row Kearn Morris

Other Dances

The following are other dances MOTley Morris has performed in the past.

Source (or at least where we learned it)
Five in a Bed Five in a Bed Red Stags Morris (James Allwright)
Liliburlero (Mr. Dolly) Liliburlero The Not For Joes
Morningstar Morningstar (Bledington) Shropshire Bedlams, as modified by the Bassett Street Hounds
Northern Star Donkey Riding The Bassett Street Hounds (Mike Miller)
Northumberland Musketeers * Little Fugue in g Minor, by J. S. Bach The Bassett Street Hounds (Mike Miller)
Not For Joe Not For Joe The Not For Joes
Old Joe Clark Old Joe Clark Ravenswood Morris
The Prisoner Off to California Red Stags Morris (Andy Anderson)
Richards Castle Richards Castle Red Stags Morris
Titterstone Clee Mad Moll of the Cheshire Hunt, by John Locke Red Stags Morris (Andy Anderson)

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