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MOTley Morris is a mixed border morris dance team (or "side") from Cambridge, Massachusetts (USA). Border morris originated in England centuries ago near the Welsh border, but most of the details of these early dances have been lost. Nearly all of the dances performed by contemporary border morris teams were invented since the border morris revival that began in the the 1970s. MOTley Morris performs dances written by the Red Stags of Southampton, Hampshire (UK), the Not For Joes, of New London, Connecticut (USA), the Bassett Street Hounds, of Syracuse, New York (USA), and Ravenswood Morris of Chicago, Illinois (USA), as well as dances we have written ourselves.

MOTley Morris was formed in the Spring of 1997 by a group of Boston-area morris dancers, to fill Boston's need for a border morris team. The first three letters of MOTley (which are always capitalized) stand for "My Other Team."

Contact us to find out when & where our next practice or performance will be.

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