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The IDEAS competition would not be possible without the generous support of our sponsors. Our sincerest thanks go out to the following companies and programs:


Jordan Baruch ('47) and Rhoda  Baruch ('48) have endowed an annual 'IDEAS Competition Baruch Award' to support undergraduate innovation and community service.

Bill and Nancy Burdine
We are grateful to Bill and Nancy Burdine for their generous support of MIT and MIT students through the MIT Public Service Center.
Bose logo
We are grateful to The COOP for their support of the IDEAS competition.
Margaretta and Jerry Hausman
We are grateful to Margaretta and Jerry Hausman for their generous support of MIT and MIT students through the Public Service Center.
Galehouse Frey
A generous endowment from Carrie Galehouse Frey (ME '77) supports an annual IDEAS award and helps to keep the Competition running.
office of the dean for graduate education logo
The MIT Office of the Dean for Graduate Education sponsors an annual award to support teams of graduate students developing their innovative community service projects.
Mr. Mohammed Abdul Latif Jameel, benefactor of the Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab at MIT (J-PAL), supports the Yunus Challenge.
Burton and
Michele Kaliski
Burton S. Kaliski Jr. ('84 EE) and Michele A. Kaliski (ME '87) generously support student innovation at MIT through the IDEAS Competition.
Lemelson-MIT logo
The Lemelson-MIT Program supports, celebrates, and awards cutting edge technical innovation. The program sponsors the IDEAS International Technical Awards and competition operating expenses.

Aleksander and Anna Anita Leyfell provide support for teams that develop innovative solutions to critical health care problems.

microloan foundation usa logo
Support from the MicroLoan Foundation USA funds an award that address the financing needs of people in underserved communities.
Alumni from the undergraduate classes of 1997-2006 (MIT10 alumni) and their challenger Martin Tang SM '72 made possible a gift of $100,000 to support students at MIT. Part of that gift has been designated to the IDEAS competition to award excellence and encourage students to develop ideas.
MIT150 marks the Institute's 150 years of service to the nation and the world with sponsorship of the IDEAS Global Challenge.
silicon spice founders fund logo
A generous gift from the Silicon Spice Founders Fund supports ongoing operations of the IDEAS Competition.
Shahla and Eberhard Wunderlich
Shahla '78 PhD and Eberhard Wunderlich SM '75 PhD '78 generously support student innovation at MIT through the IDEAS Competition.
...and many other generous individual donors.

IDEAS is a joint project of the MIT Public Service Center and the MIT Edgerton Center, and is run by a team of MIT staff and students.

PSC logo
The main goal of the MIT Public Service Center is to enrich the educational and life experiences of MIT students through leadership and community service opportunities.
Edgerton Center logo
The MIT Edgerton Center provides hands-on educational experiences and service learning classes for MIT students, and a variety educational outreach programs.

Becoming a Sponsor of IDEAS

If you are interested in learning more about the IDEAS competition and would like to know how you or your company can help, please contact Alison at ideas-admin@mit.edu. Thank you.

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