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Press Releases

The official press release for the 2007-2008 Yunus Innovation Challenge can be found here.

The official press contact of the IDEAS Competition is Alison Hynd. Please contact her regarding any press or media inquiries, including reprint permissions:

Alison Hynd
77 Massachusetts Ave.
Bld. W20-549
Cambridge, MA 02139
(617) 258-0691

IDEAS Teams in the News

We are proud to share these news articles about IDEAS teams and participants:

"Solar firm's focus: power to the people," The Boston Globe, June 18, 2007, by Hiawatha Bray.

"Wind, sun and tides power Biorock, MIT rehab for recovering coral reefs," Tech Talk, May 9, 2007, by Deborah Halber.

"Startup's journey through a competition," Boston Business Journal, March 9, 2007, by Lisa van der Pool.

"Filipino MIT winners use electricity to spur coral growth," Inquirer.net, February 1, 2007, by Carla Gomez.

"Inoculation innovation: Aerosol vaccines may replace needles," CNET News, October 20, 2006, by Michael Kanellos.

"Estudantes surcaran Caribe en barco-museo," Diario Libre in the Dominican Republic, August 21, 2006 by Jose Arias.

"Cracking peanuts to solve world hunger," Ohmynews.com, July 26, 2006, by Tuesday Gutierrez.

"New device offers to assist in needle biopsies," Tech Talk, July 19, 2006, by Sasha Brown.

"Social Entrepreneur Illac Diaz: It's possible to change the world," Newsflash.org, June 12, 2006, by Sol Jose Vanzi.

"Students win grant for Lesotho solar generator," Tech Talk, June 7, 2006, by Sarah H. Wright.

"Taking off - The Spray Team," The Boston Globe, June 4, 2006, by Janice O'Leary.

"Students float Caribbean museum boat," Tech Talk, May 24, 2006, by Sasha Brown.

"Young Inventors," Forbes.com, March 29, 2006, by Leah Hoffman.

Shedding light on a literacy problem," Newsweek, December 12, 2005, by Jessica Silver-Greenberg.

"Robotic Biopsy," Technology Review, October 2005, by Katherine Bourzac.

"MIT designs low-tech flood alarm," The Boston Globe, October 10, 2005, by Marion Lloyd.

"Proving their mettle by pedal: Local groups donate expertise, parts to Guatemalan bicimaquina project," Boston Globe, July 17, 2005, by Simon Rios.

"Students tackle flooding in Honduras," Tech Talk, May 18, 2005, by Sarah H. Wright. Republished in Science Daily.

"A race to fix a 30-year-old 'solution'," Christian Science Monitor, February 17, 2005, by Mark Clayton.

"Simple water filter can nail arsenic," Science News, Volume 15, No. 23, June 5, 2004, by Sid Perkins.

"MIT filter cleans Nepalese drinking water," Tech Talk, March 9, 2004, by Elizabeth A. Thomson.

"A low-tech plan to save lives," Boston Globe, February 8, 2003, by David Arnold.

"Graduate helps pay school fees for Ghanaian children," Tech Talk, June 12, 2002, by Denise Brehm.

"Comings & Goings: IDEAS competition," Civil & Environmental Engineering at MIT, Volume 16, No. 3.