MA 105: Selected Topics in Mathematics
Quizzes and Final Project

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Quizzes: There will be approximately one quiz every two weeks. Many quiz problems will be based on homework problems.

Final Project: Choose a decision to be made based on quantitative results -- for example, you might consider price and gas mileage when buying a car, carbon monixide emissions and power output of a new power plant, or distance from your house and number of slopes when choosing a ski area. Research those quantities for four or more options, analyze your results, choose your preferred option, and give the reason for your choice.

A week before spring break you will turn in a statement of the topic you will research and a list of sources you expect to use in your research. When collecting data on product quality, please try to find relatively unbiased sources like or Consumer Reports rather than sources with a financial interest in your choice like BestBuy or Herb Chambers.

Final Project Proposal (2/28/07)
Grading Rubric
Sample project proposal

Written Report (4/11/07): Write a brief (three to five page) paper describing why you chose your topic, what criteria you used, your data, your conclusions, and the reasons for your conclusions. Cite your sources -- be sure that anyone reading the paper will be able to find the data you used and repeat your research for themselves.

Grammar and spelling will count toward your grade -- you may wish to make an appointment at The Writing Studio in the Academic Achievement Center for help in writing this paper.

Grading Rubric

Poster Presentation (5/11/07, 11:00-1:00): During the final exam period you will present a poster to your peers describing the results of your research. (If you wish to create something other than a poster, please request permission by emailing your proposal to Some alternatives include podcasts, demonstrations, or Powerpoint slideshows.)

The poster is worth 15% of your final grade. Eleven of that fifteen percent is based on the Professor's and your peers' evaluations using the form below. Four of that fifteen percent depends on your participation as an audience to your peers' presentations, including turning in similar forms rating your peers' efforts.

Grading Rubric