HSED422 / MSED456: Strategies for Teaching Mathematcs
Assignment Schedule, Fall 2006

Topic of the Day
Teaching Practice
Teaching Theory
(Bring in article one week in advance)
9/12/06 Announcements and Handouts Geometry, Grade Unknown
What can be built from equilateral triangles? (links), Heidi Burgiel
Discussion of bulletin board project.
9/19/06 Announcements and Handouts Visit to the Library Geometry of Transformations: Teacher and Unit Under Construction. Mathematics Teacher v. 99 no. 2 (September 2005) pp. 88-92
Heidi Burgiel
9/26/06 "What do I do if students aren't doing their homework?" Elizabeth Karakashian Geometry, Grades 10-12
Orthogonal and Isometric Drawings. Rebecca Folsom
NCTM Issues New Guidelines to Help Schools Home In on the Essentials of Math, by Sean Cavanagh, Education Week, September 12, 2006
10/3/06 "What do I do if half the class doesn't 'get it' and half the class does?" Rebecca Folsom Data Analysis, Statistics and Probability, Grades 10-12
Lottery Numbers (Bring your laptops!), Heidi Burgiel
"M&M's, Rhinos, Cockroaches, and Cooperative Learning", by Laurie H. Rubel, Mathematics Teacher Vol. 100 No. 2, September 2006. Katie Donovan
10/10/06 "What would you do if a pair of sixth grade students turned in test papers with the same wrong answers?" Roberta Cullinan Measurement, Grades 6-9
Halloween Monsters and Metric Conversions, Megan Smith
Urban Success: A Multidimensional Mathematics Approach with Equitable Outcomes by Jo Boaler, Phi Delta Kappan v. 87 no. 5, January 2006, p. 364-9. Rebecca Folsom
10/17/06 "What can you do when you have a single student in your classroom who is 'out of control'?" Jennifer Hallett Patterns, Relations and Algebra, Grades 10-12
Patterns in Pascal's Triangle, Elizabeth Karakashian
Looking Beyond the Performance of Grave Underachievers in Mathematics, By: Dettori, Giuliana; Ott, Michela. Intervention in School and Clinic, 41 no.4 pp 201-208, March 2006. Megan Smith
Portfolio Due
"Should students be allowed to use calculators in class? If so, when?" Katie Donovan Chapter 1: Introduction to Reform
Meeting the Needs of Gifted Mathematics Students, by Sally Kim. APMC Vol. 11 no.3 pp27-32, 2006. Roberta Cullinan
10/31/06 "Do you think students should be allowed to use formula sheets during a test?" Megan Smith Number Sense and Operations, Grades 6-9
M&M Fractions, Katie Donovan
Developing Mathematical Concepts Through Orientation and Mobility, by Derrick W. Smith. RE:view, Vol. 37, No. 4, Winter 2006, pp. 161-165. Jennifer Hallett
11/7/06 Tessellations using Pattern Blocks Geometry, Grades 10-12
Topology of the Möbius Strip, Jennifer Hallett
Supermath: An Alternative Approach to Improving Math Performance In Grades 4 Through 9, by S. Pogrow. Phi Delta Kappan v. 86 no. 4 (December 2004) p. 297-303. Elizabeth Karakashian (Play Supermath!)
11/14/06 Demo of Electronic Whiteboard, GeoAnalysis Lab (Science 303?), Robert Amey (postponed) Patterns, Relations and Algebra, Grades 8-10
Roberta Cullinan
Chapter 9: Equity, from Teaching Mathematics for the 21st Century.
11/21/06 Special guest Tom Brady BSC Secondary Education and Professional Programs Experienced High School Teacher
Educational Technology Expert
11/28/06 Chapter 3: Manipulatives and Technology
Pattern Block Addition of Fractions, p. 81 and Algebra Tiles, p. 86
Overcoming obstacles to using manipulatives in teaching.
Other activity, TBA
Chapter 4: Standards and Sample Lessons, from Teaching Mathematics for the 21st Century
Portfolio Due
Electronic Whiteboards, Robert Amey, Sci. 303 Chapter 7: Communication in the Classroom, from Teaching Mathematics for the 21st Century Assembling Bulletin Board Decorations.
Field Exp. Report Due
Class meets in Hart 212 at 4:00 PM for special guest Lisa Rainen Gifted and Talented and Differentiated Instruction Teacher, John Glenn Middle School, Bedford, MA Posting Bulletin Board Decorations.

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