Teaching Practice

Teach a lesson here as you might present it in your classroom. The topic presented should be related to the area of the Frameworks you chose but need not be an exact fit. For instance, the Pythagorean Theorem could be presented either as a topic in "Patterns, Relations and Algebra" or "Geometry" but is unlikely to make a good "Data Analysis, Statistics and Probability" topic.

The goal of Teaching Practice is to present techniques for teaching different topics and to provide future teachers with an opportunity to practice their presentation skills. Mock lectures should last approximately 50 minutes; if you teach at a school with shorter class times you may use extra time to present homework or quiz problems related to your lecture. Lessons will be graded on a scale of 1 to 25 as described below, with 21 being an A score. Peer evaluations will be taken into account when determining a final grade for this presentation.

Grade Content
15 Lesson is entertaining and exciting while providing students with deep insights into the mathematics presented.
13 Lesson covers significant mathematical content while holding students' interest. Information presented is accurate.
10 Lesson is entertaining or educational but not both, or lesson contains some inaccurate information. Examples: making decorations using geometric figures, a lecture followed by a worksheet, or a lecture that implies that "probabilities" are the same as "odds".
5 Lesson is confusing or contains several inaccuracies.
0 It is difficult to determine what students might learn from this lesson.

Grade Preparedness
5 Presentation and board use are clearly planned out in advance. Materials are ready, lecture goes smoothly.
4 All needed materials are provided; presentation fits well in the fifty minute time window.
3 Presenter encounters minor unexpected difficulties during presentation -- e.g. presentation is more than a few minutes long or short, presenter runs out of space on the board, or information is presented out of order.
1 Presenter encounters major unexpected difficulties -- e.g. handouts are missing, presentation is much too long or too short, crucial information is missing from presentation.
0 Presenter is absent.

Grade Presentation
5 Presenter has excellent handwriting, whiteboard is never cluttered or hard to read, presenter speaks clearly and manages the classroom well, and all handouts are typewritten.
4 Presenter writes neatly, is easy to understand and has good blackboard technique. Handouts are neat and readable.
3 Handwriting is uneven or hard to read, presenter occasionally mumbles or has to write material in an inconvenient location on the blackboard.
1 Handwriting or speech is difficult to understand. Presenter's notes on the board appear to be placed randomly.
0 Presentation is unintelligible

Note on Discipline: You may find that your "mock students" are more or less unruly or apathetic during your presentation. You are responsible for keeping them on-task and dealing with questions and interruptions to the best of your ability but you will not be penalized for your classmates' actions.

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