I'm a principal research scientist with the Laboratory for Nuclear Science, LNS, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT, in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Within LNS, I work as part of the Hadronic Physics Group, HPG, to study the structure of nucleons and few-nucleon systems.

Recently, my primary research activities have been with the OLYMPUS experiment based in Hamburg, Germany. The OLYMPUS experiment measured the contribution of two photon exchange in elastic lepton-proton scattering which has been an interesting topic recently.

In parallel, I am also involved in developing GEM detectors. Primarily this has been for the Forward GEM Tracker upgrade of the STAR experiment which is based at Brookhaven National Laboratory. However, I have been also studying GEM readout schemes and designing a GEM detector for OLYMPUS.

The links on the left provide more details on my current activities and give a summary of my personal research interests and possible future projects. Also there are links to previous research projects giving a brief overview of the experiments, some of the significant results, and outlining my role in each. Finally there are a few other links to round out these web pages.

I hope these pages are useful or at least interesting for you.

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Home page with an introduction and overview of the other pages on this site.
Brief explanation of my research interests.
Summary of some projects I am working on for the future.
Description of the OLYMPUS experiment.
Description of the BLAST experiment, my role, and some results.
Description of the ZEUS experiment, my role, and some results.
Description of the TASSO experiment, my role, and some results.
A brief biography.
Some of the recent talks I have given.
PDF file of my publications.