I am a roboticist, control engineer, and computer scientist. I have got my PhD in Computer Science from Rice University, and I am currently a research scientist, working with Professor Jonathan How at ACL, MIT. Before joining MIT as a postdoc, I was a robotic engineer at Autel Robotics.
My work lies at the intersection of robotics, control, machine learning, and multi agent systems. My mission is to build a fully autonomous agent that learns to predict and interact, and acts effectively in dynamic complex environments, and ultimately works successfully individually or collaborates with other agents in a team. Moreover, my ultimate is to build and design agents with the capability of improving their performance by transferring their knowledge to new tasks and domains.
I believe to build an effective intelligent system for real world applications, both solid theory developement and complete implementation is necessary. My algorithmic solutions has been implemented on real robotics system and they have been applied to real-world problems such as autonomous driving, multi-agent task allocation, and collective transport.