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Boston People

People I know in Boston (I used to call this "MIT People" but I want to be inclusive,and as it is I've graduated) come in 4 flavors: Tetazoo, Crew, Gilbert & Sullivan (kind of like cookies & cream), and MITAAH.

A lot of people in my family went to MIT.

Jacquie is the_geek. Xiaomin was in my MOYA group back in the day, and now she's a grad student working in the same lab as I did for a couple years.

I met Angela Yu sometime during R/O week my freshman year, and she was on crew for a while, and spring my freshman year lived on 3rd East, but she moved to Bexley early fall 1997. Last I heard she was living in German House.

I met Sarah Carlson at the first MITAAH meeting. She's pretty cool, even if she lived at Baker, and she has a really huge collection of quotes and freethought/humanism/atheism books. She's founder and president emeritus.

Kenneth Lu is another person from MITAAH. He's both treasurer and president emeritus.

Matt Reagan is also from MITAAH. Another president emeritus. Not to be confused with Ronald.

Betty Tsai is another friend from crew. She used to have a web page, but since she graduated it seems to have dissappeared. She lived on 5th West. Betty was a coxwain, even though she was tempted to row.

Diane Schnebly is a senior [what! I can't be that old!] who had the privilege of living in my room from freshman year, and of getting dedoubled in it several months sooner than me.

Sarah Martinez is a [junior/insert god-am-i-that-old year here] who also had the privilige of living in my freshman room. She is/was a coxswain. She has a cat. It looks like a giant caterpillar.

Noelle Drugan is another former frosch who lived next door to me and was also my pre-frosh freshman year and yet wasn't scared away. She's in a sorority, but don't let that fool you. She's the only person I've managed to get to come watch multiple G&S shows who's not already been sucked in.

Darlene Staines doesn't have a webpage, either. She was my roommate two years in a row on the annual IAP Florida training trip. She has an uncooperative back, though, so she can't row much. She and Noelle are much better at making icing that I am.

Amittai Axelrod now has a webpage. He plays violin and used to live down the hall from me. He's a senior or something like that. He plays the pit for G&S, and was also in MITSO once.

Sue Dey, who's real name is just Suedey, was the captain of the women's varsity crew team my sophomore year. She still hung around last year because she had nothing better to do. Her webpage seems to have been eaten.

Laura Dean isn't Course 9, but she's also one of those people who's taken too much linguistics. Besides this, she's been known to play in g&s pit orchestras.

Mark Jhon is on the heavyweight men's crew team. He's from Pittsburg and used to go to races in Columbus.

Johanna Bobrow used to be one of the only people who'd played in the pit for more G&S shows than me, but I've since surpassed her...

Filbert Hong got me involved in Harvard G&S and Dunster House Opera. He's a Harvard student, but is actually a pretty normal person, except for knowing the violin parts to every G&S show.

Meredith is a [insert year here] on THiRD EAst, also known as "Emily Hanna, jr." Neither of us is really sure why, except that she does row when she's not injured...

David McIlroy actually went to UAHS also, and was in my AP calculus class my senior year in highschool, and is now a [insert year here] on THiRD EAst, as well... Scary, huh? Plus, he rows...

Edmvnd Golaski used to live on THiRD EAst, and now lives somewhere in the same apartment building as me.

Zoe Tiergarten used to row, and now lives in the exact same apartment as me except two floors up.

If you are at MIT (or Harvard), know me, aren't listed, and are deeply offended by this omission, please let me know. If I'm not hosed academically, musically, or otherwise, I will promptly fix this. If I have you listed, and you are offended by being listed, go ahead and let me know, but be aware you will hurt my feelings.

Friends from High School or earlier

August Elias Brunsman IV was my lab partner in AP Bio back in 11th grade. Yes, there's more than that, of course. We were just friends that year. We're just friends now. There were 2 and a half years in between...

Harmon Vredeveld was on the In The Know team with me in high school. He always sat on the left, and Tom Nguyen always sat on the right, and I usually sat slightly left of center or right of center depending how I was feeling that day...

David McIlroy. See above.

I went to CTD summer camp for many years at Northwestern, and Heather was usually my roommate there, but she's now at Indiana.

Most people I know from high school are even lamer about having webpages than people at MIT. If I knew you in high school and you don't fit this description of lameness, let me know and I'll add you.

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October 12, 2002