My Family

My Mom's Side

(aka, Lindamoods)

My mom is amazing with shelves.

Grandma Jane is the source of much of my wardrobe.

Some Cousins

My cousin Brian lives in Columbus and is the editor of Columbus Alive. He lived in Holywood (for real) for a while, and you can read about his trip there on his web page. He got married to Ellison in October 1997, but I don't know if the page has been updated recently enough for that.

My cousin Heather is going to law school now.

My cousin Kurt is actually in collage now.

My cousin Ben visited MIT last fall, but he decided to go to Case Western instead.

Nick and Drew are Ben's brother's.

Theresa is my youngest cousin. She lives in Providence, and her parents used to live in my dorm...

My Dad's Side

(aka, Hannas)

My dad is often busy.

My cousin Denene's page may be out of date... In case it still hasn't been updated, she and Jeff got married a couple years ago (10-96), and since last March ('98) they've had Emma, and Jennifer (I think) was born this spring (99).

For any other cousins and relative's webpages, visit the Lindamood family webpage, which also has links to Hanna's and Lukingbeals.

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August 13, 1999