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Gondoliers, MIT, April 2002.
(I'm the tall one.)

It's been over 2 years since I graduated from MIT (graduated June 2, 2000) and 6 years since I graduated from high school! I spent my first year out of MIT rowing, traveling, playing bass, drawing, and working at my old urop lab. For a few months last year I worked for a speech recognition company in Beverly, Massachusetts. Then I decided I liked it better at the same old lab. Last fall, for the first time, I joined the chorus for a show. I finished my third show in the chorus in April, and at the end of May I left Boston. This August (2002) I started graduate school in linguistics at Cornell University.

As I'm now a grad student at Cornell, further updates will be at my new address. However, since I am a grad student, I don't really have time to update or transfer much, so, in the meantime, enjoy what this site has to offer!

As always: These pages tend to be updated in spurts. Come back every so often and I might have changed something. Summer's the best bet, but often I do stuff over winter break and in the spring. For some reason I don't do much in the fall. I'm making no promises.

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January 26, 2003