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I was born in Manhattan, Kansas, on November 18, 1977. I moved to Ohio when I was 9. I lived in Upper Arlington (In Columbus, Ohio, for those not from central Ohio) until college. I spent four summers at the Center for Talent Development at Northwestern University, and also went on my high school's exchange trip to Moosburg an der Isar, which is a little town in Bavaria just north of Munich, where I got to visit Karl-Ritter-von-Frisch-Gymnasium, the local high school. I'm still not sure who Karl Ritter von Frisch was...

I graduated from high school June 2, 1996 and that summer I spent my time volunteering at COSI, the local science museum. You can see my senior portrait. I also worked at Ohio State's University Technology Services where I was a site assistant at the computer labs, and, since I'm a masochist, worked there again summer of 1997.

Since August 22, 1996, (with the exception of summer 97, which I spent in Ohio) I've been at MIT, in Cambridge, Massachussetts, accross the Charles River from Boston. I've stuck around working since I graduated in June 2000, but after this year I'll finally be leaving. For 4 years as an undergrad, I lived at the East Campus dorm, aka Fred, more specifically on the third floor of the east parallel, or THiRD EAst.

I've a had a couple jobs around MIT and Boston. For several years I had a UROP (Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program) working in the speech communication group which is part of RLE , the Research Labratory of Electronics. I found it rather amusing that to finish the paperwork for doing linguistics research, I had to go through a room that looks just like my middle school industrial shop.
My freshman year, I also had a job working at the Language Learning and Resource Center, which was a lot like a library job--except mostly tapes and videos and just a few books. Summer '99, in addition to my UROP, I worked at East Campus desk, or just Desk...

Since graduation, I've kept working at the Speech Communication Group, except for a few months working at Eliza Corporation last year. This coming fall (2002) I'll finally be going to grad school. It's been a nice break, really it has. I've taken some art classes at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, and even started appearing onstage in costume and singing... (links to come, naturally)

Oh yeah, and I occasionally row and play bass.

After graduating, I rowed with Community Rowing, Inc, aka CRI, in the competitive program for most of the 2000 season.

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March 6, 2001
*that's me with the weird look, and my cousin Kurt behind me. We're at the Polynesian Cultural Center in Hawaii in December 1999