Emily's Musical Experiences

High School and Earlier


MTG is MIT's Musical Theatre Guild, which was the first musical group I became involved with at MIT. They put on 4 musicals a year. Anything Goes was the show they put on fall of my freshman year here (96). It was a lot of fun, even if I couldn't see the stage. Fall '98 I played in the pit for Fiddler on the Roof, and I was also in the pit for their IAP (a.k.a. January) 99 show She Loves Me. After that I decided to take a break from MTG for a while.

Gilbert & Sullivan

Since spring of my freshman year I've been involved with MIT's Gilbert and Sullivan Players. Spring my freshman year ('97), I played for Patience. Fall of my sophomore year, I played for Ruddigore. Right after that, Harvard's G&S group needed a bass for their production of the Mikado, which I then played for. Two years ago I also played bass in the IAP (MIT's January term) production of Trial by Jury, and that spring ('98) I played bass in Pirates of Penzance. Fall '98, MIT put on the Mikado, which means I've done it twice, and then, I once again got called up to Harvard to play in the Gondoliers, which I sight read at the performance without making any noticeable errors.

This led to my involvement with Dunster House Opera, also at Harvard. In winter '99, I was in the pit orchestra for Candide, and this winter ('00) they did the Magic Flute. *

Meanwhile, back at the ranch... Spring '99, MIT G&S did Yeomen of the Guard, which is the only G&S show with a depressing ending. Then, this past fall I played for Iolanthe, as well as HMS Pinafore at Harvard. This spring ('00) I played in the pit orchestra for MIT's Princess Ida, as well as doing Ruddigore a second time up at Harvard. This fall, I played in Sorcerer at MIT, and Pirates of Penzance (my second time) at Harvard. This spring, MIT and Harvard will be doing Grand Duke and Utopia, respectively, which will mean that I've played bass for every G&S show save Thespis.

I'm not addicted. I can stop any time I want! (And to prove it, next fall I'll audition for a vocal part!) (oh, wait...)


My junior year ('98-'99) I played for the MIT Symphony Orchestra, or MITSO. That took up a lot of time, though, so I only did it one year. Summer '99 I was also in the Holden Summer orchestra, which would have been a lot of fun had it not been for the rehearsals in an unairconditioned dining hall situated over a steam tunnel during a heat wave...

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December 5, 2000