Software Projects


xznola is a Gtk+-based program that interfaces to MIT's Zephyr messaging system. Based on the contents of the user's .anyone file, it displays a hierarchical tree of users that are logged in and receiving messages.


lsc-sched is a Perl script to display worker scheduling information for the MIT Lecture Series Committee's film program. It is a rewrite of an earlier program by the same name.

My Resume

"But a resume isn't a software project!" I hear you saying. I created an SGML document type for mine, though, and assembled appropriate DSSSL stylesheets to it. To use these, you'll need appropriate tools; in the Linux world, James Clark's Jade can be used to produce mostly-useful output, in combination with JadeTeX. Also, there's a somewhat spurious dependency on Norman Walsh's DocBook style sheets.

Document type definition: [DTD]
DSSSL style sheet: Print [DSSSL] HTML [DSSSL]
My resume: [SGML] [DVI] [PostScript] [PDF] [HTML]

Documentation Projects

Inessential Gnus

iGnus (DVI, PS) is a 9-page document describing basic use of the Gnus mail- and newsreader. It is aimed towards users of MIT's Athena Computing Environment, but may be useful to other beginning Gnus users as well.

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