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David's Home Page

Who is this person, anyways?

My name is David Maze. I'm currently a software engineer working for IBM, in the former DataPower Technology XML Technology group. This means that I develop compilers for the DataPower network appliances, with particular focus on XML-based languages such as XSLT and W3C XML Schema.

I am an alumnus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. After graduating, I worked for two years as research staff in the Computer Architecture Group at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory; there I wrote a new language front-end and did general support for CAG's language for signal-processing applications, StreamIt.

As an undergraduate, I lived at Epsilon Theta Fraternity, a coed fraternity in a shiny yellow house in Brookline. I'm currently president of Epsilon Theta Corporation, the corporation that owns said shiny yellow house. I was also Night Director of the Lecture Series Committee for two years, a position in which I was responsible for all ticket sales and movie selection. I was also a member (and, briefly, Secretary) of the Student Information Processing Board.

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