Excerpts from Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae

(From the 1866 edition of Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae. The references in the original are not reproduced here.
Also entries from Annals of the Free Church of Scotland: 1843-1900, ed. William Ewing, Edinburgh 1914.)


Forglen 1742. DAVID BANNERMAN, A.M., son of the preceding [i.e. James Bannerman, below, Forglen 1717], had his degree from the Univ. and King's College, Aberdeen, 1st April 1730, was licen. by the Presb. 13th July 1737, pres. by Sir Alexander Ogilvie of Forglen ---, and ord. (assist. and suc.) 4th Feb. 1742; trans. to St Martin's 3rd May 1758.
St Martins 1758. DAVID BANNERMAN, A.M., trans. from Forglen, pres. by George II. 18th March 1757, and adm. 29th June 1758; died Father of the Church 2d June 1810, in his 98th year and 69th min. He marr. 9th Sept. 1750 and had a son, the Rev. James Patrick B. of Cargill.--Publication--Account of the Parish (Sinclair's St. Acc. xiii.)

Annals of the Free Church. BANNERMAN, DAVID DOUGLAS, D.D. Born at Ormiston, 1842. Son of Professor James Bannerman. Studied at the University and New College, Edinburgh. Ordained at Dalkeith, 1869. Married, the same year, Margaret Helen Omond. Translated to St. Leonard's, Perth, 1879. Dr. Bannerman took a leading part in the formation of the Public Worship Association in connection with the Free Church. He made valuable contributions to current theological literature. Publications.--The Scripture Doctrine of the Church Historically and Exegetically Considered (Cunningham Lectures). Fast Days and Christian Festivals. The Sacraments. The Presbyterian Church, with Special Reference to the Use of Liturgies.

Meathie 1599. JAMES BANNERMAN, A.M., was laureated at the Univ. of St Andrews in 1593; trans. to Logierait in that or following year.
Logierait 1600. JAMES BANNERMAN, A.M., trans. from Mathie, pres. to the Vicarage by James VI. 10th Aug.; trans. to Caputh in 1604.
Caputh 1604. JAMES BANNERMAN, A.M., trans. from Logierait, pres. by James VI. 13th Feb.; continued in 1616; but had ceased prior to 1631; he came to be reduced in circumstances, and received aid from the kirk-sessions of Rossie and Longforgan 19th March 1648 to 21st Dec. 1656.

Inveraven 1703. JAMES BANNERMAN, called in July 1702, and ord. 15th April after; trans. to Forglen 27th Feb. 1717.
Forglen 1717. JAMES BANNERMAN, trans. from Inveraven, pres. by Sir William Ogilvy of Forglen, one of the Lords of Session in Jan., and adm. 26th March; died 31st March 1749, in his 80th year and 45th min. He marr. 9th Dec. 1710 Anne, daugh. of Mr David Cumming, min. of Edinkeillie; she died 8th Aug. 1758, and had two sons in the ministry, Mr David, his successor in the benefice, and Mr. Patrick of Saltoun.

Ormiston 1833. JAMES BANNERMAN, A.M., son of the Rev. James Pat. B., min. of Cargill, studied and took his degree at the Univ. of Edinburgh 30th March 1826, licen. by the Presb. of Perth 13th Jan. 1830, proposed to assist. and suc. to the Rev. Alex. Isdaile, min. of Dron, in 1832, and pres. to this parish by John Earl of Hopetoun in Feb., and ord. 23rd Aug. 1833. He chiefly conducted the prosecution of his co-presbyter, Mr. Wright, for heresy, 1839-1841. On joining in the Free Secession, and signing the deed of Demission, he was declared no longer a min. of this Church, 23rd June 1843, and became Professor of Divinity in their New College in 1849. Had D.D. conferred by the College of Princeton, New Jersey, in 1850. He marr. 2nd April 1839 David Anne, daugh. of the Hon. David Douglas, Lord of Session and Justiciary.--Publications--Letter to the Marquis of Tweeddale, Edin. 1840, 8vo.; The Prevalent Forms of Unbelief, Edin. 1849, 8vo.; The Infallible Truth and Divine Authority of the Scriptures, Edin. 1865, 8vo.
Annals of the Free Church. BANNERMAN, JAMES, D.D. (Princeton). Born in the Manse of Cargill, Perthshire, in 1807, of which parish his father, the Rev. James P. Bannerman, was minister. He studied at Edinburgh University. He was ordained at Ormiston in 1833, and married, in 1839, a daughter of David Douglas, one of the Senators of the College of Justice. He signed the Act of Separation and Deed of Demission. In 1849 he was appointed by the Assembly of the Free Church of Scotland Professor of Apologetics and Pastoral Theology in the New College, Edinburgh. He died at Edinburgh, 1868. Publications.--Inspiration: the Infallible Truth and Divine Authority of the Holy Scriptures. Posthumous.--The Church of Christ; the Nature, Powers, Ordinances, Discipline, and Government of the Christian Church. Two volumes edited by his son. Also a volume of Sermons.

Annals of the Free Church. BANNERMAN, JAMES, M.A. Born at Burrelton, Perthshire, 1860. Studied at St. Andrews University and New College, Edinburgh. Ordained at Inverkip, Renfrewshire, 1885. Married, the same year, Agnes Dewar Hill.

Cargill 1784. JAMES PATRICK BANNERMAN, son of Mr David B., min. of St Martin's, licen. by the Presb. of Perth 26th Jan. 1780, pres. by George III. 21st Oct. 1783, and ord. 13th May after; died 17th Sept. 1807, in 51st age and 24th min. He marr. 25th April 1793 Mary Turing, who died 2d May 1838, and had a son and a daugh. James, min. of Ormiston, and Helen S., who marr. the Rev. Robert John Robertson, of Forteviot.--Publication--Account of the Parish (Sinclair's St Acc. xiii.)

Kirknewton 1689. JOHN BANNERMAN, deprived by the Priv. Council, 4th Sep., for not praying for King William and Queen Mary.

St Madoes 1741. PATRICK BANNERMAN, son of Mr James B., min. of Forglen, licen. by the Presb. of Haddington 17th April 1739, called 18th Aug., and ord. 8th Oct 1741; trans. to Kinnoul 29th Oct. 1746.
Kinnoul 1746. PATRICK BANNERMAN, trans. from St Madoes, called 9th Oct., and adm. 13th Nov.; trans. to Saltoun 16th Oct. 1760.
Salton 1760. PATRICK BANNERMAN, trans. fr. Kinnoul, pres. by Andrew Fletcher of Milton, Lord Justice Clerk in April, and adm. 6th Nov.; at his entry Leslie and Burnet's Library in the manse, contained forty-eight folios, forty-seven quartos, thirty-one octavos, thirty-five twelvemos, and thirteen pamphlets; died 31st Dec. 1790, in 75th age, and 50th min. Elizabeth Goldie, his relict, died 21st March 1792. He left a son, Patrick, merchant, Dunbar.--Publications--Two occasional Sermons, Edin. 1751-1767, 8vo.

Newton 1681. ROBERT BANNERMAN, A.M., brother to Sir Alex. B. of Elsick, studied and was graduated at the University of Edinburgh 7th April 1675, pres. by John, Duke of Lauderdale Aug., coll. -, and inst. 26th Sept. 1681; deprived by the Privy Council 4th Sept. 1689, for not reading the Proclamation and praying for King William and Queen Mary. He died 24th Jan. 1719, in his 63rd year. His haill library was valued at [£120], and the furniture and abulziements, with his watch, seall, and kaine, at [£934 12s. 10d.]. He marr. Margaret, daugh. of Sir Mark Carse, of Cockpen, she died 30 April 1725, and had four sons, Robert, merchant in Edinburgh and London, John, William, and Mark.


Edenkeillie 1672. DAVID CUMING, A.M., fourth son of John C. of Relugas, and brother of the preceding [i.e. John Cuming, below, Edenkeillie 1668], got his degree at the Univ. and King's College, Aberdeen 2d July 1667, became also schoolmaster of Turreff, pres. by Mr. Colin Falconer, min. of Forress ---, was ord. 25th and adm. 28th April 1672. Being recommended by the Committee for the North, he was received into Communion 24th July 1694, and received from his Majesty 3d July 1696, a gift of his own escheit which had passed 11th July 1692. He was appointed, with others, 4th Feb. 1699 to visit the Highland parishes within the province of Moray, and died towards the close of said year, aged about 52, in 28th min. He was "a man of such knowledge and prudence that his house was a little academy, in which the children of the best families in the neighourhood had their education." He marr. prior to 16th Jan. 1674 Elspeth Meldrum, who survived him, and was served one of the heirs-portioners of Mr. John Hay, of Logie, her mother's brother; she had three sons and a daugh., Peter, surgeon, Inverness, Mr. John, min. of Humbie, Alexander of Slug; and Grizel, who marr. Mr. James Stephenson, min. of Rothiemay.

Edenkeillie 1668. JOHN CUMING, A.M., third son of John C. of Relugas, obtained his degree at the Univ. and King's College, Aberdeen in 1661, became schoolmaster of Turreff, pres. by Mr. Colin Falconer, min. of Forres ---, and ord. 2d Jan. 1668; trans. to Auldearn in 1672.
Auldearn 1672. JOHN CUMING, A.M., trans, from Edenkeillie, pres. by Thomas Dunbar of Grange 13th June 1671, coll. 10th Jan. and adm. 14th Feb. 1672; demitted in 1682 and afterwards settled at Cullen.
Cullen 1683. JOHN CUMING, A.M., formerly of Auldearn, adm. and inst. 24th May; "a man of great piety and benevolence;" who was served heir to his brother Mr. William, one of the regents in the Univ. of Edinburgh 13th April 1686, and died at Edinkeillie 9th Feb. 1689, aged about 48, in 22d min. He marr. --- Innes, and had a numerous issue, of whom John was the first Regius Professor of Divinity and Church History in the Univ. of Edinburgh, and was served heir 18th Nov. 1693, Alexander was surgeon in the R.N., Jean marr. William Crombie, merchant, Elgin, Katherin --- Mr James White, merchant, Peebles, and Margaret.


Bishops of Aberdeen 1618. PATRICK FORBES, of Corse, prom. from Keith, license from his Majesty to elect 18th Feb., elected 24th March, letter of admission from his Majesty 8th April, consec. at St Andrews, by John, the Archbishop, assisted by Bishop Alexander of Dunkeld, and Andrew, Bishop of Brechin, 17th May; died 28th March 1635, in his 71st year and 23d min. In him the apostolic character was exhibited to a greater degree than in any other of the episcopal order in his day; as he was distinguished by sound judgement, elevated piety, great meekness, uncommon prudence, and undoubted integrity. He unostentatiously and frequently perambulated his diocese, visiting his clergy, and encouraging or admonishing them as needs required; so that under his superintendence were to be found some of the most pious and learned divines in the kingdom. He marr. 25th June 1588 Lucress, daugh. of David Spense of Wormiston (a family whose descendants still exist in Fife and Zetland), and had three sons and two daugh., William of Corse, Dr. John, Professor of Divinity in the Univ. and King's College, Aberdeen, Robert, one daugh. marr. the laird of Kinstair, and the other Bailie Irvine.--Publications--An learned Commentarie vpon the Revelation of St John, Lond. 1613, 4to., A Treatise on the Validity of the Vocation of the Clergy in the Reformed Churches, Middleburgh 1614, 4to., Defence of the Lawful Calling of the Ministers of the Reformed Church against the cavillations of the Romanists, 1614, 4to., A Letter to a Romish Recusant. On the Antiquity of the Doctrines of the Reformed Churches (Calderwood's Hist. iv.) Pastorum Evangelii Vocationem (is not this mentioned already?). Eubulus; or a Dialogue, wherein Catholick questions to the Protestant are confuted, Aberd. 1627, 4to., Letters to Mr James Melvill, (Calderwood's Hist.) to the King, to the Archbishop of St Andrews, and to Mr Thomas Mitchell, min. at Udny (Orig. Lett.).


Turreff 1649. ARTHUR MITCHELL, son of the preceding [i.e. Thomas Mitchell, below, Turreff 1624], ord. in 1646, adm. in 1649, joined the Protesters in 1651, and deposed in 1655. This sentence was ratified in 1660, and was taken off, but he was again deposed by the Synod in July 1661.
Turreff 1690. ARTHUR MITCHELL, above mentioned, was restored by the Act of Parliament 25th April, and declared to be rightful min. by the Gen. Assembly 27th Oct.; died 23d Oct 1695, in 50th min. He marr. Marjory Lindsay.

Udny 1604. THOMAS MITCHELL, a relation of Bishop Patrick Forbes of Aberdeen, adm. 25th April; he got an act of transportability from the Presb. 30th July 1605, and from the Synod in Oct. 1608, on which he removed to Logie-Buchan after 20th Feb. 1622.
Logie-Buchan 1622. THOMAS MITCHELL, trans. from Udny, pres. by --- in March; trans. to Turreff in 1624.
Turreff 1624. THOMAS MITCHELL, trans. from Logie-Buchan, adm. in 1624; he became a zealous Covenanter, was a member of the Gen. Assemblies 1638, 1639, and of the Commission 1645, had the honor of preaching before his Majesty 3d Oct. 1641, was robbed of certain guidis and geir by the followers of George, Marquis of Huntly, on which he got letters of gift from his Majesty 8th Nov. of "all and haill the fermes, kaynes, customes, siluer-dewties, and otheris dewties of the Bishoprick of Rosse of the croptis and yeeres 1638-1641 restand vn payit be the vasselles and vtheris," which was ratified by Parliament 17th Nov. same year. He was accused of immorality, but after a trial "wes absolvit" by the Synod 19th Oct. 1642. In 1644 he was plundered of his horse by the adherents of the Marquis of Montrose, and had [400] merks granted by Parliament 4th Feb. 1646 out of the rents of Haddo, and [1000] "merks farder for his subsistance and intertenement out of the rediest moneys and rents of delinquents and malignants lands in the North." He died 23d July 1649, in 46th min. A son Arthur succeeded to the benefice, and was served heir 29th April 1668.--Publication--Elegies LX.-LXIII. (Forbes' Fun. Sermons.)

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