Descendants of William Cuming

William CUMING of Presley, Morayshire, m. Jean ROSE (daughter of ROSE of Ballivit), Alive in the reigns of King James V (1513-1542) and Mary Queen of Scots (1561-1567). [ref. 3]
  1. James CUMING of Relugas, Morayshire, m1. in the reign of King James V (1513-1542), Dorothy DUNBAR (daughter of DUNBAR of Bogs and his wife BRODIE, daughter of BRODIE of that ilk), m2. Jean MacKENZIE (daughter of MacKENZIE of Pluscardine), m3. Jean HAY (daughter of HAY of Kinnaldy, brother of HAY of Park). [ref. 3]
    1. John CUMING of Relugas (by m1.), m. Margaret DUNBAR (daughter of DUNBAR of Roath and his wife STIRLING, daughter of STIRLING of Keir), d. by 1686. [ref. 1,3]
      1. James CUMING of Relugas, m. Jean CUMING (only daughter of Robert CUMING of Altyr and his wife Isabel INNES, daughter of Sir Robert INNES of Balvenie). [ref. 3]
        1. Robert CUMING of Relugas, m. Magdalene FRASER (only daughter of Finlay FRASER, provost of Inverness). [ref. 3]
          1. Patrick CUMING of Relugas, m. Jean LAUDER (eldest daughter of David LAUDER and his wife Marian MAXWELL). Regius Professor of Divinity and Church History at the University of Edinburgh and minister in Edinburgh. [ref. 3]
            1. Robert CUMING. Succeeded his father as Regius Professor of Divinity and Church History at the University of Edinburgh, by 1798. [ref. 3]
            2. John CUMING. Merchant in Glasgow. [ref. 3]
            3. Patrick CUMING. Professor of oriental languages at Glasgow University. [ref. 3]
            4. George CUMING. Writer (i.e. lawyer) in Edinburgh. [ref. 3]
            5. Thomas CUMING, d. young. [ref. 3]
            6. Jean CUMING, d. young. [ref. 3]
          2. John CUMING. [ref. 3]
        2. John CUMING, m. MacGOWAN. Physician in Irvine. [ref. 3]
          1. John CUMING, alive 1798. Physician in Irvine. [ref. 3]
      2. William CUMING, professor of philosophy and regent of the University of Edinburgh, d. unm. by 1686. [ref. 1,3]
      3. John CUMING, A.M., m. INNES, served heir to his brother William, 13 Apr 1686, d. 9 Feb 1689 at Edinkeillie aged about 48. Received degree from University of Aberdeen, 1661. Schoolmaster of Turreff, then minister of Edenkeillie (1668-1672), Auldearn (1672-1682), and Cullen (1683-1689). Dean of Moray. "A man of great piety and benevolence." (See Fasti.) [ref. 1,3]
        1. John CUMING, D.D. First Regius Professor of Divinity and Church History at the University of Edinburgh. Served heir to his father 18 Nov 1693. [ref. 1,3]
        2. Alexander CUMING, surgeon in the Royal Navy. [ref. 1,3]
        3. Jean CUMING, m. William CROMBIE (merchant in Elgin). [ref. 1]
        4. Katherine CUMING, m. James WHITE (merchant in Peebles). [ref. 1]
        5. Margaret CUMING. [ref. 1]
      4. David CUMING, A.M., m. by 1674 Elspeth or Elizabeth MELDRUM (daughter of MELDRUM of Lathers and his wife HAY, sister of Mr. John HAY of Logie; served one of the heirs-portioner of her brother John; survived her husband), d. late 1699 aged about 52. Received degree from the University of Aberdeen, 2 Jul 1667. Schoolmaster of Turreff then minister of Edenkeillie (1672-1699). "A man of such knowledge and prudence that his house was a little academy, in which the children of the best families in the neighbourhood had their education." (See Fasti.) [ref. 1,2,3]
        1. Peter CUMING, surgeon in Inverness. [ref. 1,3]
          1. James CUMING of Presley and (after his brother Alexander) of Slug. [ref. 3]
        2. John CUMING, minister of Humbie. [ref. 1,3]
        3. Alexander CUMING of Slug. [ref. 1]
        4. Grizel CUMING, m. James STEVENSON (minister of Rothiemay). [ref. 1]
        5. Anne CUMING, m. 9 Nov 1710 [ref. 1 says 10 Dec] James BANNERMAN, d. 8 Aug 1758. [ref. 1,2]
      5. Alexander CUMING, d. unm. [ref. 3]
      6. Patrick CUMING, d. unm. Minister of Ormiston. [ref. 3]
      7. Duncan CUMING, m. STIEL. Physician to King William at the Battle of the Boyne. [ref. 3]
        1. Mary CUMING, m. BUTLER (colonel, son of the earl of Lanesborough). [ref. 3]
        2. Jean CUMING, m. DILKS (general). [ref. 3]
    2. Robert CUMING of Dollas-Brachly (by m1.). [ref. 3]
    3. Jean CUMING (by m2.), d. unm. [ref. 3]
    4. William CUMING of Craigmill (by m3.). [ref. 3]
    5. George CUMING (by m3.), an officer in the army of Gustavus Adolphus. [ref. 3]
    6. Several daughters by m3. [ref. 3]


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