Kith, Journeywoman of Creek

A nineteen year old woman with sandy blonde hair, Kith wears the blue jumper and red blouse of a Wisewoman from the Place of Wisdom on Creek. She also wears the stole of a Wisewoman tied with Grandmother knots, indicating her status as an ambasador from Creek. Her medical bag is a vacuum-proofed version of the traditional Wisewoman's duffel, and for work in zero-gravity or environmental suits she has dispensation to wear baggy pants, tied at the ankles.

Traditionally Wisewomen spend the year after their coming of age traveling through the villages of Creek, but Kith was selected to travel beyond Creek to learn what she could of events in the galaxy. Upon returning to Creek, she passed her exams and was judged worthy of a position as Wisewoman and ambasador. The fact that posting her in a Creekian town would be fatal may have played a part in the committee's decision.

Kith recently rejoined the crew of the Hippocrates as a consultant, although her first task in this position will be to leave again for Creek. Through her correspondence with Sophia Symphony-Hayes, she is helping research and develop Kaufman/Symphony-Hayes healing tube technology in order to free the crew of the Hippocrates from their dependence on Kaufman tubes and enable them to protect humanity (and others?) from the sentience-destroying Flames.

Climbing Nightshade

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