Hegemony Medical Ship HIPPOCRATES (AH-3)

Here's a recent description of Hippocrates's stateroom.

Here's the status of Clear Tube experiments.


Things that Hippocrates is known to be able to do:

Hippocrates, when speaking as the ship, is usually formal and sometimes precise to the point of pedantry. He never uses contractions or familiar forms of address (except with Sook, who he refers to by last name). He worries about a lot of things. This has given rise to the theory that there are actual Fretting Modules that are part of his software.

In recent times, the ship-voice has loosened up somewhat, but is still very square.


Hippocrates invariably refers to the android as "his remote unit". In general, we are being up front about the fact that there is an android who calls itself Hippocrates. This does not preclude, at later times, disguising the android and having it pretend to be human.

The android looks like a young version of Adrian Bellarion (whose noble mug can be seen on the painting in the Captain's Stateroom). When on the ship, the android wears the Skyguard officers' shipboard uniform with small modifications:

  1. The rank insignia on the left-hand collar is a Captain's insignia, though Hippocrates will tell you that his official Skyguard rank is Ensign.
  2. On the right collar, where Skyguard branch insignia would normally go, the android wears the swirly red-green-blue pin that Eva gave Hippocrates as a Winterfair gift.
When instantiated as the android, Hippocrates is represented on battle maps with the eagle-under-hegemonic-star icon (The Skyguard rank insignia for a captain.)

When speaking as the android, Hippocrates sounds different. He is less formal and uses contractions, though he still tends to use formal forms of address.